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Viessmann Vitoden 100W

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Having been established right in 1917, they developed a standing related with unwavering quality, advancement, reasonableness and aftercare uphold. In the event that you plan on bringing German designing into your home realize that Viessmann are the biggest boiler maker in Europe. Viessman boilers relied upon for their savage proficiency. Viessmann Vitodens 100-W, are an outstanding range of system boilers.

Why choose Viessmann?

Similarly, as with all Viessmann gas consolidating boilers, the Vitodens 100-W is furnished with stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchangers.

Simply, this implies that the stainless-steel heat exchanger will keep going exceptionally long, which rivals contenders as they utilize plastic heat exchangers which are inclined to wear out and breakages.

This innovation carries with it a very high-proficiency pace of 98% and astoundingly dependable and productive activity during its long help life. Viessmann ensures the Inox-Radial heat exchanger for a very long time against spills coming about because of erosion.

In this article we have reviewed the Viessmann Vitoden 100W system boilers –

  • Viessmann Vitoden 100-W system 19kW
  • Viessmann Vitoden 100-W system 26kW
  • Viessmann Vitoden 100-W system 30kW
  • Viessmann Vitoden 100-W system 35kW

Buying Guide

Introducing a new kettle is a significant choice and with countless alternatives accessible, how would you know which evaporator is the best one for your home? Prior to settling on this choice, it’s critical to consider your momentum and future warming and heated water needs. You ought to think about how much high temp water you and your family use, the size of your property, the fuel that is accessible to you, your current framework and the kinds of kettle you can have introduced.

What are the various kinds of boilers?

Before we get into the points of interest of how to pick a kettle dependent on your warming necessities and the size of your house, it’s critical to know what sorts of evaporator there are to browse.

Conventional boilers

A conventional evaporator can warm water up and store it in a boiling water tank, keeping it warm for quite a long time until it is required. When the put away high temp water runs out, you will need to wait for additional to be warmed and the tank to be topped off.

These systems are better for bigger homes that have different restrooms and heaps of radiators; however, the tank can take up a lot of room. Numerous individuals utilize the cabinet where the tank is put away as a circulating pantry.


Combination boilers, regularly known as combi boilers, are the most mainstream evaporator decision in the UK. They work by giving on-request boiling water straightforwardly from the mains without being associated with a capacity tank. As a combi kettle gives high temp water at mains pressure, it allows you to utilize a shower without the requirement for an extra shower siphon.

The entirety of the segments is contained within one unit and there is no requirement for a different heated water tank, making these boilers ideal for properties with restricted space.

For those homes with somewhat more space, there is a kind of heater known as a capacity combi. They work like a combi evaporator; however, they have a high temp water tank like a conventional system that allows overabundance boiling water to be put away and utilized later.

System boilers

System boilers work by straightforwardly providing high temp water to a capacity chamber and the radiators in your home. Like a combi evaporator, the principle segments of this system are put away in one unit, making establishment and overhauling less complex. These sorts of heater are ideal for properties with more than one restroom or those that require more boiling water than a combi can give.

W – 400 MM
D – 350 MM
W – 400 MM
D – 350 MM
W – 400 MM
D – 350 MM
W – 400 MM
D – 350 MM

Detailed Product Review


The Vitodens 100-W high efficiency gas condensing boiler, manufactured by Viessmann in Germany, is loaded with features for easy installation, high efficiency and impressive fuel savings.
The boiler is programmed by a new, backlit LCD touch-screen, which makes it easy to use and read in dark environments. With their compact dimensions, low weight and quiet operation, the Vitodens 100-W will integrate effortlessly into any living space.



  • SEDBUK 2009 seasonal efficiency 89.5%
  • Modulation range up to 1:6
  • Modulating cylinder burner
  • User friendly control via backlit touchscreen
  • Constant temperature control and weather compensated operation
  • Multiple boilers can be installed on one chimney system
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • 5-year comprehensive warranty as standard


  • Requires a little extra space for the hot water cylinder.
  • Cylinder size may dictate how much water you’re able to use.


  • Product Code        160246
  • MPN  B1HC028
  • EAN   4054465007520
  • Type  Gas Boiler
  • Sub Type     System Boiler
  • Warranty (Years) 5
  • Dimensions 700×400×350
  • Weight (Kg)         35
  • Output (Kilowatts)         19
  • ErP Space Heating Efficiency   A
  • Noise Level (Decibels)    41
  • Fuel   Natural Gas
  • Mounting   Wall


The adjusting proportion over the whole yield range is up to 1:6. This high proportion makes these boilers especially appropriate for use in little condos and well protected structures. The client profits by fewer apparatus new companies and hence less working clamour. Since a lower level of pressure is put upon the machine, the administration life of segments is thusly broadened.

As is the case with all Viessmann gas condensing boilers, the Vitodens 100-W are equipped with stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchangers. This technology brings with it an extremely high efficiency rate of 98 percent and exceptionally reliable and efficient operation during its long service life.



  • Low C02 emissions
  • Inox radical heat exchanger
  • Simple backlit LCD Screen
  • Quiet operation
  • Thermostat compatible along with app
  • 5-year warranty


  • Hot water may need to be reheated
  • May need to pre-program your boiler if you want hot water at a specific time.


  • Product Code         160247
  • MPN   B1HC029
  • EAN    4054465007537
  • Type   Gas Boiler
  • Sub Type      System Boiler
  • Warranty (Years)  5
  • Dimensions 700×400×350
  • Weight (Kg) 36
  • Output (Kilowatts)          26
  • ErP Space Heating Efficiency    A
  • Noise Level (Decibels)     41
  • Fuel    Natural Gas
  • Mounting    Wall


The 100-W is a Swiss Army Knife of system boilers, offering a compact design with whisper-quiet operation, a stainless-steel heat exchanger, a backlit LCD display that stares back into your soul, and the CO2 output of a patronising vegan. It has the advantage of weather compensation. It’s an innovation utilized in some cutting-edge gathering boilers that identify any adjustments in temperature outside the structure. As it does this, your heater changes the flow temperature to exploit this change, setting aside considerably more cash.



  • Improved installation options with max flue length up to 19 meters (sealed room).
  • Straightforward access from the front, so no need to leave space at side for maintenance
  • Ideal as a replacement for older appliances due to low installed height and installation space for adaptation to existing systems.
  • Stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger for high operational reliability, a long service life and high heating output on a very small footprint, with a 10-year guarantee.
  • Simple conversion kit to LPG.


  • Cylinder size may dictate how much water you’re able to use
  • No need for a cistern in the loft


  • Product Code        160248
  • MPN  B1HC030
  • EAN   4054465007551
  • Type  Gas Boiler
  • Sub Type     System Boiler
  • Warranty (Years) 5
  • Dimensions 700×400×350
  • Weight (Kg)         37
  • Output (Kilowatts)         30
  • ErP Space Heating Efficiency   A
  • Noise Level (Decibels)    41
  • Fuel   Natural Gas
  • Mounting   Wall


The Vitodens 100-W gas consolidating heater additionally makes for an ideal substitution for more seasoned evaporator frameworks in property modernisation and redesign ventures. Utilizing a Viessmann consolidated pipe framework (CFS) implies various heater vents can be steered up the riser to one rooftop endpoint. The Vitodens 100-W boilers have consolidated PRV and condensate associations that can likewise be steered into the CFS, and one single channel at the base of the framework is everything necessary to eliminate the condensate, without unattractive lines jutting through the outside walls.



  • Erp Rated
  • Built in filling loop
  • Energy Saving Trust Endorsed product
  • All parts accessible from the front for ease of servicing
  • 5-year comprehensive boiler warranty as standard.
  • 10-year warranty on the Inox-Radial heat exchanger.


  • May need insulation in order to stop heat and energy loss.
  • May need to pre-program your boiler if you want hot water at a specific time.


  • Product Code        160249
  • MPN  B1HC031
  • EAN   4054465007575
  • Type  Gas Boiler
  • Sub Type     System Boiler
  • Dimensions 700×400×350
  • Warranty (Years) 5
  • Weight (Kg)         37
  • Output (Kilowatts)         35
  • ErP Space Heating Efficiency   A
  • Fuel   Natural Gas
  • Mounting Wall

Some Interesting Facts About Boilers!!

Basic but Effective

Boilers work on an exceptionally basic, yet at the same time sound rule. Water holds heat, so by applying warmth to water, and making it hot, the climate, thus, can be warmed up.

That high temp water is then siphoned out to various pieces of a structure, where the warmth transmits, warming up the air within a room.

This is not the same as a gas consuming heater, which warms up the air in the heater itself, at that point utilizes a fan to siphon that hot air into rooms, pushing out the virus air and supplanting it with warm air.

No Steam Required

While the name “boilers” suggests that these machines will take water as far as possible up to the breaking point, that is not the situation for home and business needs.

Just at the modern level will certain boilers need to really disintegrate water into steam. For ecological warming requirements 140° is a decent temperature to keep the space agreeable.

It’s Still Dry Inside

One inquiry that a few people may have is that of moistness. Humidifiers, by configuration, send dampness into the air, and that is conceivable because of the utilization of water.

So, on the off chance that you have a water-based warming framework, does likewise occur? Not for this situation.

An appropriately working, present day evaporator framework seals the water away, so just the warmth communicates into the air, not the dampness.

On the off chance that you have a break in your framework, you may get some build-up or dampness, yet just in case of a deformity like a hole.

What Are Experts Views On Viessmann Vitoden 100W?

Breakdowns are rare. Viessmann boilers have a stellar reputation. The company sets itself apart from many of its rivals through its use of a stainless-steel heat exchanger, which is extremely resistant to corrosion.

A cut above the rest? Lots of Viessmann’s competitors use an aluminium heat exchanger that is more likely to be damaged, due to a tendency to corrode much more quickly.

How often do Viessmann boilers need servicing? We recommend an annual boiler servicing to keep your model in sound working condition. That said, Viessmann does offer extensive after-sales support should a fault ever develop.

Check your warranty. Each Viessmann boiler comes with a warranty ranging from two to 10 years, ensuring that for the length of the term, most repairs will be completely free.

Just note that for many Viessmann boilers, you’ll only get the full warranty period if you have your boiler installed by a Viessmann-trained engineer and registered through Viessmann’s Installer Portal.

Excellent engineers: Viessmann has exclusive access to Gas Safe-registered engineers around the UK. If you need an expert, they can come to your home fully equipped to fix the majority of repairs.

Research Methodologies Used For Our In-Depth Research

  • Energy Efficiency- 90%
  • Which Reliability Score- 76%

Viessmann Vitodens 100-W is a winner of the Which? Best Buy awards are very prestigious. If you are currently in the market for a new boiler. This is a condensing gas boiler that is considered to be one of the most efficient boilers in the United Kingdom. It also boasts a range of other benefits and features, making it a brilliant choice for your property. It is a well-established brand that is renowned throughout this industry for its great quality, so you can rest assured that you will be getting a good deal when you buy a boiler from this brand.

Customer Reviews

  • Paul Kewley
  • 4 reviews, GB
  • Invited
  • Love my new boiler

Love my new boiler, it is fantastic. So easy to use and noticed a difference in our bills.

  • Adam Cornish
  • 3 reviews, GB
  • Invited

Good Investment

Upgraded our boiler and had Viessmann recommended by a colleague, read a few reviews and ordered one that evening.
Install was simple and registration for warranty couldn’t be easier.
Now weather has turned we are really seeing a big difference in how quickly the house heats up and using less gas, much more efficient than our old boiler and very quiet.
All round good investment, thanks Viessmann

  • Peter Redpath
  • 5 reviews, GB
  • Invited

Veissmann Boiler – whisper quiet

Needed to replace my knackered old Ferroli combi boiler at the beginning of the year. Carefully researched my options and decided to go for the best! Using Heatable I got an excellent deal to fit a Vitodens 50, buy and excellent engineer. All achieved in a single day. The boiler is very efficient and so quiet.

Real World Use-Case



A boiler is a heating system that generates heat by using water. A hot water boiler system circulates water in the combustion chamber of your boiler, which is then pushed through pipes to heat baseboards or radiators before returning to the unit to start the cycle all over again. A furnace is a heating system that generates heat by warming air. A blower motor then distributes the warm air throughout a home’s duct system. The heat is then released from the duct system through the vents and registers in your home.


Some “combi” boilers can heat hot water for your home, as well as provide heat. Other boiler systems can use an external water tank to heat and store hot water for showers, etc.


A wide range of factors can affect a boiler’s effectiveness, efficiency, cost, and lifetime. We recommend working with a professional contractor who can help you select the best boiler based on your home’s size, radiators, heat loss, and a range of other factors.


We, along with most manufacturers and contractors, recommend a yearly check-up of your boiler system. These inspections can help catch small fixes before they become expensive repairs, and also maintain the health and safety of your family and loved ones.


Whilst being specifically designed for open vent heating systems, the Vitodens 100-W Open vent is suitable for sealed systems using an additional expansion vessel safety valve. The boiler’s special design ensures the very low operating noise of 39 dB(A) maximum (26 kW), which is perfectly acceptable even in the kitchen.

The boiler also shares the various flue options available for the Combination and System models of the Vitodens 100-W gas condensing boiler range.

As a major manufacturer, with many years of experience in the manufacture of wall mounted boilers we know what matters. Even when attractively priced, our standards of product quality and performance are consistently implemented. Therefore, Viessmann wall hung boilers are not only renowned for innovative technology and services, but particularly for reliability and longevity.

It is always best to get a boiler installation quotation from both a national and local boiler installation provider if you want to ensure that you are getting a good deal on your boiler. Ensure that your boiler installer is Gas Safe Registered as this is now a legal requirement.

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