Looking for a natural gas boiler purchase?

Confused between different models and ranges?

We are here to assist you with best gas boiler ranges which will definitely help you in making right choice for your boiler shopping.

What affects gas boiler prices?

Gases boilers have priced differ greatly on brand, output and type. The boilers depend upon the size of your home and heating demand. In general people think cheaper boilers have shorter life span, shorter warranties and less-in depth customer support.

Whereas high end models tend to be more efficient, which means you will benefit from fuel savings in the long run.

There are mainly four factors which affects gas boiler price: –

Size of your property – Dependent on the size of your house, price differs. Selecting the right size combi boiler for your home is extremely important. If you choose a boiler that is too small it wont be able to deliver right amount of heat and hot water to meet your needs. Therefore buying the right boiler is an important part for your place.

Boiler specifications – more user-friendly control will cost you more than any of the boiler with less controls.

Heating infrastructure – if you have suitable pipework and radiators installed in your homes, then you will be saving a lot of money in your new boiler.

Extras – relocating components, magnetic filters or control panels will surely influence you to purchase the gas boiler with its installation.

With an understanding of this factor, you will be able to lower the price of your boiler cost. Whereas other elements like efficiency, reliable and durability also matters in buying a boiler for your place.

Types of gas boilers

Combi boilers

Combi boilers are probably the most cost-effective residential boiler for most homes. They are best for controlling both central heating and hot water. Heating water directly and instant supply of hot water in the taps and tanks are delivered by combi boiler.

Modern combi boilers also tend to be the most energy efficient as they deliver the fast supply of instant of hot water whenever a tap is turned on. As combi boilers have the ability to provide on-demand heating without any requirement of additional components. Therefore combi boilers are ideal and flats where space is not much more and restricted.

Advantages of combi boilers:

No waiting time for hot water

No waiting for loft space

Doesn’t require a pump to provide powerful showers

Compact choice for homes with less space.

Less pipework installed

Conventional Boilers

Conventional boilers are also known as regular, open vent or heat only boilers. They are mainly comprised with a cylinder and a storage tank. Conventional boiler can still be a great boiler choice for modern homes to have a high demand for hot water or a large of bathrooms. Each has different issues that are built into a unit with varying capacities.

The boilers have the ability to send the hot water to the tanks and taps at once without the loss of pressure getting weaker. Conventional boilers send hot water to the radiators and the water tanks can refill in seconds. Also, they have the extra water tank for the storage.

Although they are not the best option where the space is at premium, a conventional boiler is the supply large volumes for the multiple bathrooms making it a better choice for larger properties.


Can deliver the hot water to multiple bathrooms and can heat the larger property size.

Ideal for the homes with less water pressure.

Compatible with solar thermal systems, making them a vary range of the boiler.

System boilers

System boilers are great and more efficient for households who require a storage water cylinder. Installation boilers are usually quicker and easier with heating components of the heating water and hot water systems are actually built into the actual boiler.

A system boiler pumps hot water to the radiators and a sealed hot cylinder. This follows the faster response in getting a hot water from your taps and can also be more efficient as less heat is wasted. Most efficient boilers are installed onto an unvented high-pressure system. The combination of boiler and cylinder also means that you can run more than one tap. A system boiler is free homeowner from worrying about frost and damages or leaks.


Economical running costs

Compact design

Instant hot water supply

Compatible with solar thermals, thus makes it very energy-efficient option.

Boilers buyers guide

Boilers are integral to the functioning of any house. Like any other expensive purchase it is important to do well research about the boilers before buying it. The right boilers choice depends upon the central heating system of your home. 

There are things you need to know which will help you throughout the process, staring from picking up the best till its installation. These are the things you need to aware before making the last decision for you boiler.

Heating element – Unlike the traditional boilers which constitutes of single thermostat, the new generation boilers comes with more advancement and intelligence. They offer you zoning controls through which you can manage your temperature and timing programme with just a single app. Also, it has weather compensation controls which can foster the efficiency of boiler by 15 percent.

Condensing boilers – Earlier, the heat discharged from the boiler gets simply wasted. But now these condensing boilers are designed so that all the heat that can be extracted from the fuel which can further reuse as a usable heat to warm the house. 

Right size – the boilers which were used earlier are oversized around 30 percent unnecessarily. But now if you know the heating requirements of each room in kilowatts you can easily find out the size of heating emitters and can judge that is the boiler size perfects fits your wall size or not.

Positioning – people usually fits their boilers inside their kitchen or in the utility area. You need to know that these boilers produce plume of steam which could be a nuisance.

Efficient boiler- It is important to buy an efficient boiler for your home. Go for the one which gives you at least five-year warranty and is a fan assisted room sealed type. As these boilers takes air from outside and then the combustion products are forced out from a fan. Thus, it then works with the highest standards.

Traditional boilers vs. condensing boilers

For decades, companies have relied on the non-condensing boilers to supply and deliver the right amount of hot water to its users. Where, the traditional gas boilers burn natural gas or propane to heat the water in home heating system. These boilers are vented to the outside via chimney flue or vent pipe. The system is designed to take the air from room to provide heat and combustion to the house. Exhaust gases created during combustion are allowed to escape through the flue stack. Also these boilers operate at very high temperature. Depending on the age and type, an average year’s traditional boilers will typically 80% to 85% efficient.

 Condensing boiler

Condensing boiler has recently been introduced in the market to provide more efficiency to the boilers. The design of this boiler is completely sealed as the air used during the combustion process is drawn in through the flue from outside. They are allowed to change and condensate the surface of the heat exchanger as the heat in the            condensate is recovered and used. The condensate liquid is drained into a waste pipe. Condensing boilers are highly efficient because they are able to provide ample heat for home heating system while running on the lowest temperatures.

Our top picks

ATAG IC Economiser Plus 39kW Combi Gas Boiler

ATAG IC Economiser Plus 39kW Combi Gas Boiler is suitable for large homes with more than one bathroom. This is highly reliable unit designed and manufactured with the compact dimensions.


ATAG iC Economised plus combi boiler has been said as the boiler of future because it contains new technology and innovation with economiser plus brand. It is a floor standing and condensing boiler with compact dimensions. Whereas its design make it best to fit inside a kitchen cupboard as it doesn’t require much of space. Usually combi boilers are famous for their size and efficiency rate as it doesn’t require any external tank or cylinder.

Whereas the boiler recycles the flue gases twice and work with an ErP (Energy related Product) of 89.7% with SEDBUK ‘A’ rated band. Not only the efficiency rate, this boiler will provide you the absolute peace of mind, as it comes with life-time replacement guarantee which is a high source of relief for the users. Also, outside weather compensation element is also equipped in the boiler, which will regulate the temperature according to the outside temperature.


Budget friendly –The ATAG iC Economy plus is a perfect combination of astonishing look and supreme performance. Its compact design, zero combustible and quiet operation allows you to use it in smaller space as well. It is reliable and can assure you that your one time investment will deliver long lasting value year after year.

Ease in adjusting the temperature – you can select easy-to-use room thermostat and utilize the boilers control, which can automatically adjusts the boiler water to the outdoor temperatures. Not only it will keep your room warm every time but also helps in saving the fuel.

Instant hot water supply – Pre-heat facility is offered to the users by this combi boiler. Whereas, this boiler offers instant hot water supply to the tanks and taps. Therefore, no more delay in getting the hot shower now.

Guarantee and warranty – users of this combi boiler can enjoy absolute peace of mind as this boiler offers life time replacement guarantee with 10 years warranty to its users.

Highly efficient – The ATAG iC Economised plus combi boiler is an efficient and high-performance boiler with ErP (Energy related products) rating of 89.7% which is an A grade for efficiency. So, with high performance you can start saving your money on energy bills while paying your part in the reduction of carbon emissions. The ErP states that the product has passed the specific criteria for performance and efficiency.

Design – its compact design make this boiler more astonishing and external cylinder or tank is required in this boiler. The boiler can be fitted inside the kitchen cupboard which will help in saving the space. As combi boilers are usually great for the homes where the space is limited.


Boiler width – 440mm

Boiler height – 700mm

Boiler depth – 355mm

Power output – 39Kw

Efficiency rate – 89.7%

Flow rate – 17l/min

Fuel – Natural gas

Warranty – 10 years


Compact design

10 year standard warranty

Instant hot water supply highly efficient

Completely user friendly

Quiet in operation

Built in frost protection

Lifetime replacement guarantee


This ATAG iC Economised plus combi boiler is an highly efficient, reliable and durable combi boiler. That provides complete flexibility to its users with the ATAG ONE zone controller. Whereas, it is the boiler of the future as it provides premium quality with peace of mind to its users. We highly recommend this combi boiler to the people who are connected with the network of natural gas and have a large property size.

Westinghouse Combination Boiler WBRCNG140W

This Westinghouse Combination Boiler WBRCNG140W , combi for short is an advanced modulating gas boiler. The boiler offers high efficiency and comes optional hot water capability.


Built with the industry’s best material, this boiler is best in efficiency and durability. And this wall hung boiler comes with an AFUE rating of 94% with a best in class and takes care of both domestic hot water and space heating needs. The Westinghouse combination boiler provides 140k BTUs for space heating and 3.2gal/min at 77 degree temperature rise in domestic hot water capability.

The Westinghouse Residential combi boiler provides home owners with one appliance that not only saves money but also reduces overall installation. This combi is Energy star rated with no emission and is lead free which makes it eco-friendly. However its compact size will save your space as well. The Westinghouse is made with durable and premium quality material that makes it one of the best combination boiler in the market.


Higher efficiency – this boiler ranges from 28,000 to 1,40,000 BTUs to meet the desired heating needs. With the ratio of 5 is to 1, its modulation and innovation technology matches the fuel consumption demand to meet high efficiency even during the low load conditions. Hence saves money and conserves energy.

Warranty – the Westinghouse combination boiler comes with premium protection as it comes with 10 years standard warranty which will provide the customers peace of mind and sigh of relief.

User-friendly controls – the boiler has integrated digital control system. It has advanced control system display that provides system protection as well as monitoring and programming capabilities to the users. Whereas the controls has multifunctional control panel with customized temperature control, display settings and current status buttons.

Heat exchanger – this boiler is made with high grade stainless steel and has a fire tube design for excellent heat transfer. It provides low power drop to increase the efficiency of the boiler.  Instant hot water supply is provided by the boiler to the users.


Boiler width – 17.25 inches

Boiler height – 34.0 inches

Boiler depth – 15.5 inches

Boiler weight – 110 pounds

Efficiency rate – 94%

Flow rate – 15-150 PSI

Fuel – Natural gas

Warranty – 10 years


Energy star certified

Highly efficient

Stainless steel body

10 years warranty

Customized control panel

Expansion tank

Premix burner


The Westinghouse Residential combi boiler is best with the efficiency and durability. This combi boiler is certified by Energy star as well which ensures you the proper and premium working of the boiler. Whereas, its unique quality of reducing greenhouse gas emission makes it environment friendly as well.

 We will highly recommend this boiler as purchasing this boiler will make your contribution in conserving the environment as well.

Baxi EcoBlue Heat 18 Regular Gas Boiler

This Bazi Eco blue series of Heat only boiler is both small and reliable to handle hot water and heating demands. This boiler is the compact ever boiler designed by Baxi.


The Baxi EcoBlue Heat 18 Regular Gas Boiler is a part of most efficient series of Baxi EcoBlue Advance Heat boiler. This is the ideal replacement for an old inefficient convectional boiler. This series is the most compact series that Baxi has ever designed. It can even fit into standard 300mm deep cupboard spaces.

Despite of its compact design, the Baxi EcoBlue Heat 18 Regular Gas Boiler is capable of supplying plenty of heat and hot water to the users. Also heat only boilers are a good choice for homes with multiple bathrooms because they can meet greater hot water demands. This boiler has now been updated to ErP (Energy related Product) compliant, ensuring the boiler installation follows new central heating systems.

Whereas this boiler stands with SEDBUK Band ‘A’ rated efficiency this ensures you that the boiler will provide you high efficiency and thus will help you to save your energy bills as well.


Efficiency – the Baxi EcoBlue Heat 18 Regular Gas Boiler has an efficiency rate of 89.2% and also stands with SEDBUK Band with ‘A’ rated efficiency. You can clearly see the difference in the fuel bill between your old conventional boiler and with this new conventional boiler. Also this boiler is endorsed with Energy Savings Trust which can help you to achieve low carbon lifestyle. For more efficiency you can install the boiler with a Megaflo Eco Cylinder, which provides exceptionally high levels of end-user comfort and hot water supply as well.

User-friendly controls – though the controls are little basic and include a central heating temperature switch with the other buttons like LED status and fault code display. In fault code display, you can clearly get to see what the issue is or fault in your boiler. It has front and side access to all the components of the boiler. It makes the installation easy and less disruptive.

Compact size – when space is at premium, you need a boiler which is both small and reliable respectively. The Baxi EcoBlue Heat 18 Regular Gas Boiler is one of the compact sized boiler. The boiler only weighs 20kg making it the lightest boiler currently available in the UK. With its lightweight and compact size the boiler is easy to install as well.

Versatile – Baxi EcoBlue Heat 18 Regular Gas Boiler will directly replace any existing heat only boiler due to no pump overrun requirement. It also offers huge variety of flue lengths, bends and accessories allowing the versatile installation.


Boiler width – 37cm

Boiler height – 62.5cm

Boiler depth – 27cm

Power output – 18Kw

Efficiency rate – 89.2%

Weight – 20kg

Fuel – Natural gas

Warranty – 2 years


Compact size

Easy to use and install

Highly efficient


Kinder to the environment


Warranty is of 2 years only

Requires separate cylinders


This Baxi EcoBlue Heat 18 Regular Gas Boiler is the lightest boiler available in the UK market. It has central heating option and will provide you ample of hot water supply. Whereas it’s compact size makes it easy for you to install it wherever you want too. We will recommend this boiler to you as it is the perfect replacement for your old conventional boiler.

Glow-worm Ultimate2 Regular 25kW Regular Gas Boiler

Glow-worm is amongst the leading boiler manufacturer in the UK. Its boilers are highly efficient condensing wall mounted boiler.


The Glow-worm Ultimate2 Regular 25kW Regular Gas Boiler is suitable for homes with high hot water demands. Whereas its manufacturing company Glow-worm is amongst the leading boiler manufacturer in the UK and all of its boilers are highly efficient. With the strong British heritage spanning 75 years, this company also invests in renewable technologies. It has also won the ‘Best Buy’ award from the prestigious Which? Consumer organisation.

This boiler is designed using premium aluminium and the Energy heat exchanger is of best quality. It is highly reliable unit and is light weighed and compact which makes it easy to install inside a kitchen cupboard as well. Whereas it is easy to access as it is compatible with Glow-worm’s mobile phone app, which can provide you convenience in operating it. You can access it by sitting in any corner of the house. Its energy can meet upto every demand making it ideal for every house type.


Higher flow rates – regular heat only boilers are the ideal replacement of any sytem boiler installed in your homes. Though heat only boilers require separate cylinder or tanks for storage of hot and cold water. Bout the flow rate they deliver is highest than any other boiler. This enables multiple taps to be used at the same time.

Efficient –The Glow-worm Ultimate2 Regular 25kW Regular Gas Boiler is highly efficient modulating grundfos pump. It helps to lower the cost as pump adapts to actual heating and hot water demand. Whereas the boiler has an ErP (Energy related Product) of 89.3%  with A rated label and comes with online labelling tool for installers.

Easy to install – though the boiler require additional storage tank or cylinder but they feed directly to the main water supply and completely sealed. With glow worm boiler s all the components are pre-wired, pre-plumbed and pre-tested for greater reliability and for quicker and convenient installation.

Quiet operation – the boiler will offer you a peace environment in your house as it offers you ultra-quiet operation with absolute no noise disturbance.

Display and controls – the Glow-worm Ultimate2 Regular 25kW Regular Gas Boiler provide modern LCD display to its users. The big LCD display allows the users to check and regulate the settings easily. The settings could be easily seen through the bright screen display.  Also the boiler offer utmost convenience to its users. Now you can manage and regulate your boiler by sitting in any corner of your house via Glow-worm’s app. It is easy to access and operate.


Boiler width – 375mm

Boiler height – 700mm

Boiler depth – 280mm

Power output – 25Kw

Efficiency rate – 89.3%

Weight – 23kg

Fuel – Natural gas

Warranty – 2 years


Small compact cupboard dimensions

Modern bright LCD screen display

MiGo app based controls

Wide range of accessories available

Easy to install

Highly efficient

High quality grade aluminium used

Ultra-quiet operation


Additional storage cylinder or tank is required

Warranty is of 2 years only


This Glow-worm Ultimate2 Regular 25kW Regular Gas Boiler has a wide range of outputs and offers you to choose rear or top flues. It can install virtually anywhere and can meet up to every heating demand from most of the house types and system requirements.

We will recommend this product as it will provide you high flow rate than any other boiler i.e. ou can use two – three taps simultaneously at same time.

Ideal Logic Plus Heat 24kW

The Ideal Logic Plus Heat only boiler offers a reliable heating solution for replacement as well as new build installations. It is a water heater and a central heating wrapped into one.


Backlit display – ideal always do an excellent job in designing their boilers. The feature of backlit display is an innovative element in the boiler. It makes it easy to see any faults or issues and it even has the built-in service reminder, ensuring the proper maintenance of the boiler.

Boiler frost protection – in winters almost all the boilers struggle with the cold breeze and blockage. But unlike any other boiler this boiler offers you condensate pipes and pumps that are not at all prone to freezing up. Thus, helps in saving money. There won’t be any lockouts and no unnecessary need of an engineer.

Easy controls- the Ideal comes with built-in mechanical timer. The boiler can be attached with the thermostats as well as the timer. Whereas it offers you RF programmer as well that will allow the users to work on a 7 day schedule and incorporates the holiday mode and pre-heat function as well.

External sensors- the ideal boilers come with outdoor sensors. Heating will be not only be monitored internally but will monitored externally as well. It will allow the boiler to maintain the balance temperature and modulate the heat of water flowing around central heating accordingly.

Optional plume management kit – the boiler offers you optional plume management kit. They are used when the flue gases are released near the window and at that time the plume management kit can direct the gases in whatever direction you want.

Warranty – the Ideal Logic Plus Heat 24kW provides you the standard warranty of 7 years. You don’t have to fit your own branded filters and controls.

Compact size and design- with this boiler you get freedom of space. It is a water heater and central heating boiler wrapped into a single unit. Thus, no hot water cylinder is required , saving space in your homes. It is small and compact in size that it can be fit into kitchen cupboard, making it another optimum way to save the space.


Boiler width – 395mm

Boiler height – 700mm

Boiler depth – 278mm

Power output – 24Kw

Efficiency rate – 91.1%

Weight – 28.7kg

Fuel – Natural gas

Warranty – 7 years


Compact cupboard fit

Wide range of additional flueing options

Concealed pipe connections

Energy savings trust endorsed

Large digital display

Boiler frost protection

Universal condensate operations

7 year warranty

Awardee from Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2013

Awardee from Good housekeeping reader recommendation

Highly reliable boiler


This Ideal Logic Plus Heat 24kW is a very efficient and durable boiler which can help you to save your space, time and money in a single purchase. Also this astonishing boiler is awarded from the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2013 as well as from the Good Housekeeping Reader Recommendation. This ensures that your purchase is going to be highly reliable. Also it provides you 7 year warranty that means you are getting peace of mind as well with this great purchase.

Ariston E-COMBI one 24 Combi Gas Boiler

The Ariston E-COMBI one 24 Combi Gas Boiler comes with unique functions used to optimise the efficiency of the boiler and heating system. The stylish and compact E-COMBI evo brings quality and performance to your home.


Ariston is the global expert in water heating and heating products providing Italian design, efficient and high performance products and solutions to the users. It’s astonishing and compact boiler Ariston E-COMBI one 24 Combi Gas Boiler comes with premium quality and performance to your home. This is a natural gas wall hung combi boiler from Plumb Nation. This innovative boiler can help you to cut energy costs and reduces carbon emission. With Ariston design this unit is compact in size which will help to save space in your homes.

The boiler comes with automatic by-pass and auto-diagnostic system i.e. in case of any fault or an issue in the boiler, it will tell you the problem itself. This combi boiler provides the heating and domestic hot water directly from the boiler and that too without any additional cylinder or tank. The boiler offers anti-frost option so as to be safe in cold-winter days. Controls are user-friendly with the range of wired and wireless functions with innovative technology.


Better transfer of heat –  the Ariston E-COMBI one 24 Combi Gas Boiler enhanced single coil heat exchanger is robust and highly efficient, it has improved condensing surface and increased hydraulic performance. This allows the constant water speeds and helps in reducing the blockage, ensuring a long lifespan.

Lightweight and easy installation – this boiler weighs just 28.5kg , it is easy to hang this boiler on wall. And the installation is easy and simple with fit connections, wires and flues. Therefore, there will be extra space for engineers to work on the boiler, aiding installation, commissioning, servicing and repair with easy frontal access to all the components.

AUTO function – All one series boiler includes a built in AUTO function, which enhance boiler performance and boosts the efficiency. It not only regulates the temperature but also reduces peak flow of temperature and optimizes the efficiency. This function enables the boiler to automatically choose the ideal output for the central heating circuit. The boiler consumes less gas and electricity which helps in avoiding fluctuations and on/off cycles with the help of AUTO function. Also there is and outdoor sensor which can lead to saving up to 6% compared to any other condensing boiler.

COMFORT function – Another function offered by the boiler is COMFORT function, which ensure water kept inside the secondary heat exchanger is kept in pre-heat condition. Enabling the comfort function will allow the boiler to deliver instant hot water supply to the tanks and taps. This will reduce the heat up waiting timings and less wastage of cold water.

Quieter operations – this new and updated boiler will make you experience the peaceful running of the boiler. This boiler is said to be the quietest Ariston boiler range as it has new soundproofing technology which ensures quietest working of the boiler.

Zoning – full zone management kit is available with this boiler which is capable to manage up to six separate heating zones in a single boiler.


Boiler width – 40cm

Boiler height – 75cm

Boiler depth – 33cm

Power output – 24Kw

Efficiency rate – 90%

Weight – 28.5kg

Fuel – Natural gas

Warranty – 2 years


Easy to set up

Highly efficient

Highly reliable

Lightweight and compact in size

Quieter running


Easy to use

LPG conversation kit included


The new Ariston E-COMBI one 24 Combi Gas Boiler is able to perform better and is highly efficient. It comes from a leading brand Ariston which doesn’t compromise with the quality and performance of their products. Its performance is increased and improved condensing surface with ease to maintain and clean. We will recommend this product to the users as it has unique functions which will surely make you fall for this boiler.

Vokera Vision 25c Combi Gas Boiler

The Vokera Vision 25c Combi Gas Boiler is fully automatic and highly efficient condensing combination boiler. This boiler is versatile in range and doesn’t compromise on performance.


The The Vokera Vision 25c Combi Gas Boiler comes from a trusted brand Vokera. They are always known for their ease of use and reliability. Also, their heating products are used by more than half of the million customers in UK. This boiler has been designed to be a compact source of both heating and on demand hot water. This is Vokera’s new mid-range ‘A’ rated condensing hot water demands, ideal for all the small homes  and semi-detached houses.

This combi gas boiler doesn’t compromise on performance. Whereas flexible as it comes in compact size and can be fit into any kitchen corner. This boiler has been designed incredibely reliable and durable so as to maintain the high efficiency and better performance. This boiler is described as installer friendly as it could be installed very easily and quickly. This boiler comes with 3 modes of operation and 7-day digital clock. For extra peace of mind this boiler comes with five year warranty as standard. It is compatible with several heating control methods to allow users to make further savings.


Highly efficient – The Vokera Vision 25c Combi Gas Boiler is highly efficient boiler. It complies with SEDBUK Band ‘A’ meaning it operates at higher efficiency and uses less gas to heat the water.  Therefore it will provide efficient heating and subsequently reduce the bills and carbon dioxide emissions.

Easy installation – this boiler is ideally suited for small property size where the space is premium. Its compact size saves a lot of space as it can be fitted easily in kitchen cupboard. Because of its compact dimensions, rear flue options and low lift weight enable a flexible and versatile installation even in tight spaces with the boiler. Standard Vokera pipework enable simple, straightforward and trouble free replacement of any old Vokera models.

Pre-heat function- Without the need for a separated storage tank, this unit is able to deliver comparable flow rates to systems. As a result the tank can refill immediately and showers can be taken for longer period of time. Sensors ensure uniform in the temperature. The automatic temperature control function permits the boiler to automatically adjust the heating.

Auto-stop function – the boiler has built-in disabling function that automatically changes the temperature and operating mode and moves it permanently into the standby mode. The automatic function will only operate after a pre-defined period of time and can be disable any time.

Built-in frost protection – the boiler comes with built-in frost protection which will keep the boiler safe in cold-winter days. It will prevent the appliance risk of blockage during periods of cold weather both for central heating and domestic hot water.


Boiler width – 715mm

Boiler height – 405mm

Boiler depth – 248mm

Power output – 25Kw

Efficiency rate – 89.1%

Weight – 29kg

Fuel – Natural gas

Warranty – 7 years


Compact design

Built-in 7 day digital clock

Built-in filling loop

Complete with horizontal flue


Includes AUTO-STOP option

Easy installation

Pre-heat function


The company Vokera prides itself on offering high efficiency products with premium quality and peace of mind to the installers and homeowners and ensures the reliability and durability of the product. We would highly recommend this product as it has unique features like auto-stop function and pre-heat function which will provide convenience to the users.

Vaillant ecoFIT pure 12kW Regular Gas Boiler

The Vaillant ecoFIT pure 12kW Regular Gas Boiler is highly reliable condensing unit that comes with high quality elements making it a boiler for long life and easy maintenance boiler.


This boiler is designed and manufactured by one of the leading company in the market i.e. Vaillant. This boiler is made to save the space around the home as it is compact in size and light in weight. This conventional boiler offers superior performance, excellent energy efficiency and is compact enough to fit in the kitchen cupboard. It is designed to be flexible with rear flue option available to give you more choice where you put it.

It allows for snug installations in properties with limited space. The boiler offers outstanding performance and low energy consumption for any home. It’s smart too. When you don’t need as much heat, it will reduce itself to just 20% of its maximum output-meaning greater efficiency and lower bills. This boiler offer you highest efficiency rate within the new ErP regulations. The new Vaillant boiler is suitable for small homes mainly where the space is premium.

This regular boiler is known as heat only boiler and it needs to be installed as the part of a heating system alongside a hot water storage cylinder and a feed and expansion tank. You’ll get the peace of mind that this boiler isn’t going to let you down. 


Highly efficient – vaillant is known for manufacturing energy efficient boilers that help to reduce the bills and carbon footprint. Boosting an ErP rating for heating and hot water, the ecoFIT regular has an absolute amazing reputation for its low proides excellent energy levels straight out of the box and includes high quality of aluminium heat exchanger to reduce the energy bills. Also this A rated boiler can automatically reduce itself to just 20% of its maximum output when you need less heat.

Easy-to-use controls – the Vaillant ecoFIT pure 12kW Regular Gas Boiler has a simple and easy-to-use control panel, which includes LCD display you to adjust the temperature whenever you want to. It has pressure gauge, reset button and switches for the central heating and hot water temperatures. It’s designed to be flexible and comes with a rear flue option so you choose where the boiler has to install. Paired with the smart controls, in the form of mobile apps, these thermostats give you the freedom to monitor and control your heating system at your convenience, from any location.

Frost protection – the boiler comes with frost protection, it prevents the blockage in the pipes of the boiler. It will automatically balance the temperature inside and out so as to prevent the risk of any fault or issues during the cold weather.

Warranty – you will get peace of mind with this boiler as this boiler comes with standard 5 year warranty and it can be increased with 10 year warranty with some additional charge.

4 side cooling agitations – this boiler has 4 sided cooling and water agitation of the heat exchanger results in reducing the stress on the heat exchanger for life reliability and reduces maintenance cost. Also it is compatible with different modes as well.


Boiler width – 375mm

Boiler height – 600mm

Boiler depth – 295mm

Power output – 12Kw

Efficiency rate – 89.3%

Weight – 24kg

Fuel – Natural gas

Warranty – 5 years


Easy installation

High quality components

Top and rear flue options

Compatible with vSMART app

Compact in size

Certified from Which? Best buy with a score of 80%

Highly efficient


Required additional tanks or cylinders


 The Vaillant ecoFIT pure 12kW Regular Gas Boiler is an outstanding choice for the people who are looking for a new boiler. Its compact size makes it ideal for households lacking space and the homes which have less power connection. We would highly recommend this boiler to you as it is awarded by reputed Which? Award Best Buy with a score of 80%.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life 50kW Regular Gas Boiler

A new high performance, design-led boiler the Greenstar 8000 lifestyle has been developed following the customer convenience. This upgraded and innovative is all new addition to the market of leading boilers.


This Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life boiler features in most powerful and connected wall-hung boiler. This is highly efficient boiler as shown with the efficiency rate of 94% ErP (Energy related Product) which will help to reduce the bills. This 8000 range boiler will take you to the procedures easily as it is made and designed by keeping in mind of all the customer convenient notes.

Greenstar 8000 Life regular gas boiler has now increased in the efficiency rate due to an increased modulation ratio of 1:10, they are typically designed to on/off boiler longevity. With an absolute power output, this boiler is an ideal choice for the large property size which has high demands for hot water and heating. With full compatibility with Bosch easy control and Greenstar intelligent it provides utmost convinince to the customer.

 The boiler comes with some other benefits like pioneering touchscreen display panel, easy view to set and regulate the time and temperature all with a new modern design.


Highly efficient – this is a highly efficient boiler with the efficiency rate of 94%. This is with the SEDBUK band ‘A’ model which will reduce the carbon emission and help you in saving your energy bills. With the highest rating this boiler is the ideal choice for all the users.

More control – it’s the little touch that makes the difference in the boilers , this boiler is upgraded the Life range. The boilers display screen and created easier to push control buttons.

Intelligent filling system – this greenstar intelligent filling system uses the latest technique to maintain optimum boiler pressure. If the system become low this revolutionary software allow the internal filling valve to automatically fill the system. Once optimum pressure has been reached the integrative filling valve will get connected.

Cleverly connected – the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life 50kW Regular Gas Boiler connects with your thermostats, the Bosch easy controls that have the power to control the heating and hot water.

Warranty – available with 5 year warranty, that can be extended with 10 year warranty when installed this will ensure you the confident that is boiler won’t let you down. You will experience peace of mid by just a single purchase of the boiler.


Boiler width – 440mm

Boiler height – 364mm

Boiler depth – 825mm

Power output – 50Kw

Efficiency rate – 94%

Weight – 55.1 kg

Fuel – Natural gas

Warranty – 5 years


High quality

Highly efficient

Top and side panels

Condensate trap

Full wireless

Full text display and colour display

Front access PRV


This Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life boiler looks after heating and hot water. This also have display screen and easier availability to push the buttons. Worcester always provide convenience and user friendly products. It could be wall-hung, thus will take less space I your house. We will highly recommend this product as it won’t disappoint you with its unique features.

Potterton Promax Store 150L Regular Gas Boiler

With the unique roller system and low lift weight, this Potterton Promax Store 150L regular gas boiler is a simple and easy to install boiler which comes with different heating solutions.


This Promax store regular gas boiler comes from a leading boiler manufacturing unit Potterton. The boiler is designed to fit in an airing cupboard as it has water storage tank built into the boiler. This will surely save your space and its floor standing feature will take less space than any other boiler.

Though this boiler is bit like system boiler but the difference is it has its own storage tank installed unlike any other boiler. It can satisfy high water demand, making it ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms and properties tend to use a lot hot water at once. It provides a simple and installs heating solutions for domestic properties that have high water demands and is a boiler that is perfect for new build and social housing.

This boiler is suitable for fully pumped, sealed systems; the boiler is fully modulating for responsive performance and operates on a hot water priority system.


Highly efficient – this Potterton Promax Store 150L Regular Gas Boiler has an impressive SEDBUK Band ‘ A’ efficiency rating. This means it will help you to cut the costs of your fuel bills. Therefore, this is fully modulating boiler as it can balance how much heat is required at any moment and can automatically adjust its output to meet the central heat requirement.

User-friendly control – the boiler comes with user friendly controls and can be found on the front of the boiler that includes LED operating status display, mode selector and adjusting heating and hot water temperature controls.

Frost protection- the boiler comes with deep frost protection i.e. it comes with built-in-stage frost protection. It will prevent the risk of blockage of pipes in cold weather and flue lengths up to 20m to allow greater siting flexibility.

Light weight – the boiler features a roller system and is a low lift weight boiler which can adjust in any corner of the house. This will lead to easy installation of the boiler. Thus, with more efficiency it this boiler helps to save your money as well.

Easy installation – the boiler has no pump overrun as well  a pre-plumbing jig helping to save the time and money on installation and is compatible with Megaflo Eco sola cylinder and Santon Premier Plus solar cylinders.


Boiler width – 55cm

Boiler height – 154cm

Boiler depth – 60cm

Power output – 24Kw

Efficiency rate – 89%

Weight – 246 kg

Fuel – Natural gas

Warranty –  2 years


Fully modulation boiler

Easy to install and service

Compatible with Megaflo Eco cylinders and Santon Premier Plus Solar cylinders

Pre-plumbing jig

Integral 7-day twin channel timer


2 year warranty

It has overall Which? score of 54%


This Potterton Promax Store 150L Regular Gas Boiler has already installed storage cylinder which eliminates the need of any other additional cylinder or tank. It free-standing type make it an ideal boiler for the users who require a great hot water supply. We will recommend this product to our users as it has multiple features which will surely satisfy your heating demands.

Comparison table

Boiler Name       Efficiency rating (%)     Power output (Kw)     Warranty (years)
ATAG IC Economiser Plus 39kW Combi Gas Boiler       89.7     39     10
Westinghouse Combination Boiler WBRCNG140W       94     40     10  
Baxi EcoBlue Heat 18 Regular Gas Boiler       89.2     18     2
Glow-worm Ultimate2 Regular 25kW Regular Gas Boiler       89.3     25     2
Ideal Logic Plus Heat 24kW       91.1     24     7
Ariston E-COMBI one 24 Combi Gas Boiler       90     24     2
Vokera Vision 25c Combi Gas Boiler     89.1     25     7
Vaillant ecoFIT pure 12kW Regular Gas Boiler     89.3           12     5
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life 50kW Regular Gas Boiler     94     50     5
Potterton Promax Store 150L Regular Gas Boiler         89     24     2


These are the best gas boilers you can choose for your place. All of these boilers have been manufactured from reputed and renowned companies which stand on a good position in the boilers market.

If you have the gas network connection in your home than this is the right place for you to know which gas boiler suits your demands the most. We recommend you these boilers as they all have the unique features which will surely satisfy your needs and provide you premium experience.

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