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Biasi UK Ltd was formed in 1990 to promote the group’s products throughout the UK and is a leading supplier to the heating industry throughout the British Isles. Biasi provides an unrivalled one-stop-shop heating solution. As well as residential boilers, Biasi UK Ltd added central heating radiators, towel rails and LST radiators to its product portfolio to meet the needs of the UK market. Biasi products fully comply with all regulations, official standards and directives. The company is also a member of Gas Safe, HHIC and the EST.

Buying Guide

What is a System Boiler?

System boilers are installed as part of a sealed central heating system.  They are a sealed circuit, system boilers aren’t exposed to atmospheric pressure. System boilers are connected to water cylinders but because the heating system is sealed, then water pressure is also maintained. They, therefore, eliminate the requirement for a feed and expansion system, but, unless the hot water cylinder is pressurised, still have a cold-water tank. System boilers are also attractive as they are compatible with solar thermal heating, unlike combination boilers.

They are typically found in family homes and are usually cheaper and easier to install than other types of a boiler because fewer heating system components mean that fitting them is neater and more efficient. In system boilers, for example, the pump is built into rather than installed away from the boiler.


  • Loft space is not required for a hot water tank
  • High water pressure
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for large homes with 2 or more bathrooms
  • Compact boiler dimensions


  • Installation, repair, and maintenance costs can be more expensive
  • Airing cupboard space required for a hot water storage cylinder
  • Hot water is not immediate, requires a little heating time
  • If too much water is used to quickly, the storage cylinder will need a resupply which takes a little time.

Biasi Riva Plus ErP 24kW System Gas Boiler-

The Biasi Riva Plus 24 Combi Gas Boiler has advanced from the all-around effective Riva Compact HE MK2. Additional proficiency is increased through the new recuperator heat exchanger planned by Biasi and the tweaking fan that upgrades the air/gas proportion. The new recuperator has a curl inside that is covered by a huge number of balances, expanding the warmth trading surface.


  • 24kW Output
  • Wall mounted
  • Affordable Price
  • Energy efficiency rating of being 88% (B rated)
  • The panel contains a user friendly gauge to allow you to see the pressure in your system
  • Frost protection
  • Built in anti-seizure routine
  • 2 years warranty (as standard)


  • Powerful and higher energy efficient boilers available in the market


  • Efficiency Rating  88%
  • Standard Warranty       5 Years
  • Band Rating          B Rated
  • ERP Rating  A Heat
  • Central Heating Max. Output 24kW
  • LPG Compatible    Yes
  • Mounting   Wall Mounted
  • Typical Price (inc VAT)  £530
  • Typical installation Cost (inc VAT)*
  • £500 – £1,000
  • Total Cost    £1,030 – £1,530

Biasi Riva Plus ErP 28kW System Gas Boiler- This B-rated energy efficient boiler is a sealed system heating-only boiler which removes the necessity for a feeder tank helping you save valuable loft.  The boiler comes with tried and tested Biaisi technology including a traditional heat burner alongside a high-efficiency main heat exchanger, meaning that Biasi Riva Plus System ERP boilers utilise the best of both traditional and modern methods to provide heat for your home


  • 28kW Output
  • Energy efficiency rating of being 88.1% (B rated)
  • Easy to use control panel
  • The panel contains a user friendly gauge to allow you to see the pressure in your system
  • Frost protection
  • Built in anti seizure routine
  • 2 years warranty (as standard)
  • Affordable price
  • Wall mounted


  • Powerful and higher energy efficient boilers available in the market.


  • Efficiency Rating  88.1%
  • Standard Warranty       2 Years
  • Band Rating          B Rated
  • ERP Rating  A Heat
  • Central Heating Max. Output 28kW
  • LPG Compatible    Yes
  • Mounting   Wall Mounted
  • Typical Price (inc VAT)  £525
  • Typical installation Cost (inc VAT)*
  • £500 – £1,000
  • Total Cost    £1,025 – £1,525

What Is The Expert’s Opinion?

It is huge to ensure that a heater’s Power Rating (or size) is perfect-

•         An small kettle may buckle down, and a curiously large heater may work beneath the limit. The two conditions can prompt more fuel to be utilized than required.

•         A warming designer investigations the component of kettle required dependent on; heat misfortune, the quantity of rooms (Bedrooms, restrooms and so forth), number of individuals in the property, number of radiators, showers, and so on

•         Smaller houses and pads, with up to 10 radiators, will require a 24-25kw heater. A 28-30kw would be introduced for a medium to huge 3-4 bed house with up to 15 radiators, and a 33-35kw and a 40kw would be for a huge house with up to 20 radiators.

•         In huge properties spread more than a few stories more than one heater would be basic.

• The chase for “the best” is regularly risky by warming architects having a favored evaporator maker that they like to introduce. They will each say that their proposition is in a way that is better than the other’s.

•         The pessimistic may propose Heating Engineers incline toward one brand over another in light of the fact that that is the place where they can make the most imprint. 

•         A Gas Safe architect will introduce a gas kettle of any brand; however, it merits focusing on why they embrace one brand over another. Regularly it will be on the grounds that they can offer a maintenance agreement on that evaporator brand.

Fun Facts About Gas Boilers, That You Need To Know!

1 – The Water Inside Boilers is Not Boiled

Most residences can be enough warmed by water that is just 60 degrees F, and they use a limited quantity of flammable gas to do this.

This is essential for the explanation that the present kettle frameworks give such reasonable warmth. When it arrives at that temperature the water extends and rises.

This water will fill lines and radiators with brilliant warmth that is calm and agreeable. Boilers can bubble water, yet there is no reason for bringing the temperature up in your home to an awkward and exorbitant high temperature.

2 – Boilers Don’t Add Humidity to the Air

Probably the greatest misinterpretation about boilers is that they add water to the air. This is just false.

Boilers don’t give a soggy warmth on the grounds that the whole brilliant warming framework is totally independent.

The warmth gave by boilers is as dry as that produced by electric or oil-consuming warming frameworks.

3 – Low Water Pressure Can Sabotage Radiant Heating Systems

Brilliant warmth possibly succeeds when the lines in your house are loaded with water. In the event that there is no water in the lines, on account of low water pressure, at that point your kettle will breakdown.

On the off chance that something like this occurs, numerous pieces of your home won’t be warmed. Helpless water pressure doesn’t give enough energy to push the water upwards to more elevated levels, leaving you with a cold higher up a storage room.

4 – Modern Boilers Use Inexpensive, Green Energy

Contemporary natural gas fuelled boilers are sealed completely and do not have vents or a flue, so there is no way that fumes or vapours can escape from the unit and emit toxins and gases into the air.

Boilers that are not working properly and emitting carbon dioxide will burn with a yellow or orange flame.

This means the unit is “burning dirty” in which case you should have it off and call in an HVAC expert to service it immediately.

5 – A New Boiler Can Reduce Heating Costs By 90%

A new boiler uses less water and 90% less fuel, so it makes sense our heating bills might be 10% of what they were before the new boiler installation.

This is especially true if you have replaced your old oil furnace with a blower and vents with a boiler-based system of radiant heating.

6 – Modern Boilers Are Easy to Maintain and Operate

Turning on any modern condenser boiler is as easy as turning the unit on. The natural gas is lit by ignition, and then the water is warmed and sent up through pipes inside your building’s structure.

When the water cools, it drops back down to the boiler, where it is warmed again and recycled. Radiant heating can change your life by banishing stinking oil fumes, high fuel bills.

However, your new condenser boiler will need to be maintained at least twice a year to make sure it is in good working order.


Research Methodologies Used For Our In-Depth Research

Biasi Riva Plus System boilers

  • Erp efficiency: 86%
  • Erp decibel rating: 49dBa
  • Seasonal efficiency: 85%

We research all about boilers and read customer reviews. We asked 7,500 members of the general public about their brand of gas or oil condensing boiler
The Biasi Riva plus System ERP can be bought for as little as £496 inclusive of VAT and is the most affordable heat only boiler Biasi has ever produced. It comes with a comprehensive 2-year warranty covering parts and labor (subject to terms and conditions). The Biasi Riva plus System boiler can be purchased in either a 24KW or a 28KW size.

Customer Reviews

It is early days of having the boiler…

It is early days of having the boiler but I am very impressed with certain parts of it already it is extremely quiet to the extent that you keep checking to make sure it is working the hot water is extremely hot so hopefully it will power the shower the price was very competitive if I had to criticize something it would just be the size of it but for me it’s in the utility room so no problem

This is my third biasi boiler over the…

This is my third biasi boiler over the years always been happy with them

One of the best Boilers I have owned…

One of the best Boilers i have owned mine is 9 years old i am about to replace it for a more efficient model but having problems sourcing new boiler but i think is due to lack of supplies because of the covid crisis

Real World Use-Case


  • How does frost protection work?

When the boiler senses a temperature drop to below 5 degrees it will fire up and warm itself up, this will continue until the temperature rises. Should there be a disruption to the gas supply the boiler will run the pump only in an effort to stop the water freezing within the boiler.

  • What does anti-seizure routine mean?

After a period of 24 hours of inactivity, our boilers energise the pump and motorised diverter within the boiler, to ensure they don’t seize. Dirt and debris within heating systems can settle in these areas, so it’s important to protect these moving parts.

  • I live in an off grid property, can your boilers be operated on LPG?

Yes, all Biasi boilers are LPG convertable and all have LPG conversion kits available.

  • I have low pressure in my area, will your boiler work ok on this?

Yes our boilers can operate on low pressure. Although we would always recommend a primary system pressure of between 1 and 1.5bar when cold, the boiler will operate once the system is above 0.3bar. The domestic hot water will operate as low as 2.5 L/min at 0.3 bar.

  • My Boiler has a spanner symbol showing, why is that?

The spanner symbol will appear in isolation when your boiler is due for a service. If you have recently had your boiler serviced and the engineer has not reset the spanner please contact our service and technical department who will talk you through what to do next.


Biasi Riva Plus ERP Range is the most moderate choice inside the boiler portfolio. It is based on attempted and tried innovation yet energy effective, which means your gas bills will decrease when contrasted with a standard effectiveness boiler. Usability is likewise significant. The Riva Plus control board is extremely easy to use and accompanies simple go handles to change the temperature of boiling water and warming and a 24hr advanced program, permitting you to control when your warming goes ahead and goes off during the day while as yet appreciating moment heated water as and when required. A visual pressure check permits you to see the pressure in your system and guarantee it’s at ideal levels. All Riva Plus Boilers accompany an inherent ice security system, which prevents the boiler from freezing throughout the colder time of year. The boiler likewise has a segment hostile to seizure schedule that stops parts seizing during times of dormancy, for example, the mid-year occasions.

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