Best 5 Ideal Vogue Combi Boiler Price Compare and In-Depth Reviews

Autumn and winter days comes with a huge need of products to keep us warm. We sure can step out with layers of warm and thick clothing but, when it comes to staying at home nobody feels comfortable in so many layers. That’s when the need of a good heating/heat radiating system comes into play. These products help us enjoy our daily life like we do in summer or spring season.

Vogue boilers have always been one of the best boilers available out there in the UK market. They are highly efficient and reliable when it comes to functionality and services. These boilers provide you with both heating and hot water for all different purposes. Boilers are not only effective to keep you warm but are also a very energy-efficient system of providing heat in the house.

NameOur RatingsAvailabilityPriceOnline Ratings
Vogue Combi Boilers9.4/10YES£980.00-£1,190.694.5 out of 5 stars and 2,584 reviews

Top 5 Vogue Combi Boilers with Price:

Vogue Combi 26-£943:

  • Output- 26KW
  • Dimensions- H-740MM, W-445MM, D-330MM
  • Maximum flow rate- 10.6 l/min
  • 90% efficiency rating

Vogue Combi 26-£981:

  • Output- 26KW
  • Dimensions- H-830MM, W-395MM, D-278MM
  • Maximum flow rate- 10.7 l/min
  • 90% efficiency rating

Vogue Combi 32-£1,053:

  • Output- 32KW
  • Dimensions: H-740MM, W-445MM, D-330MM
  • Maximum flow rate- 13.1 l/min
  • 90% efficiency rating

Vogue Combi 32-£1,093:

  • Output- 32KW
  • Dimensions: H-830MM, W-395MM, D-278MM
  • Maximum flow rate- 13.4 l/min
  • 90% efficiency rating

Vogue Combi 40-£1,182:

  • Output- 40KW
  • Dimensions- H-740MM, W-445MM, D-330MM
  • Maximum flow rate- 16.4 l/min
  • 90% efficiency rating

Vogue Combi Boilers:

Vogue Boilers are one of the best wall mounted boilers available in the market to go for. They are the most reliable and quality product to look for in all the boilers available. Not only affordable at the time of purchase but they save a huge amount of energy throughout their working life.


  • Easy to use and operate.
  • Rated A in efficiency which lowers the gas bills.
  • Easy and affordable installations.
  • Comes with an 8-year labor and parts warranty.
  • Available for small, medium and large sized houses.
  • Quick and efficient services.
  • Built-in frost protection system.
  • LCD full color display.
  • 10-year warranty when installed with proper filter system.


  • Small sized boilers lack efficiency.
  • Acquired space.
  • May cost more because of extra installation charges.

Unique features of Vogue combi boilers:

Unique features of Vogue combi boilers:

  • Various heating outputs- Ranging from 26KW, 32KW and 40KW
  • Fuel used- LPG
  • Size- 740mm (H) x 445mm (W) x 330mm (D)
  • 1- year warranty
  • Made in the UK
  • Back 3.5” LCD color display
  • Endorsed by Energy Saving Trust
  • Built-in a frost protection system
  • LPG conversion available
  • Made out of premium components
  • Endorsed by Energy Saving Trust
  • Built in frost protection system
  • LPG conversion available
  • Made out of premium components

Technical Specifications:

CategoriesCombi C26Combi C32Combi C40
CH output min/max @ 70°C3.7-18.0 KW4.6-26.0KW5.7-32.0 KW
CH output min/max @ 40°C4.0-19.3KW4.9-27.9KW6.1-34.3 KW
Packaged weight37.6 kg38.9 kg40.9 kg
SEDBUK rating (2009/2012)89.1%89.2%89.1%
DHW flow rate 35°C rise10.6 l/min13.1 l/min16.4 l/min
Maximum horizontal flue10m8m8m
Maximum vertical flue10m10m10m

Buyer’s guide for Vogue boilers:

Vogue boilers are the best option available in the market if you are looking for a high-tech boiler with an amazing design. Vogue combi boilers are highly energy efficient and works wonderfully with much less cost. They come with an LCD color display which is very easy to understand and operate without any complications. The biggest plus side of Vogue boilers is that they come with a warranty period of 10 years. These boilers are wall-mounted so they do not take up that much space of your house.

Why go for Vogue Combi Boilers?

Vogue combi boiler range is best suited for your needs if you desire efficiency and quality at affordable price range. These boilers are hassle-free as they function on easily available and environment friendly gases like natural gas and LPG, which are also quite cheap fuel for boilers. They do not hinder your daily activities as they are one of the quietest functioning boilers out there. Main reasons to choose Vogue combi boilers are:

  • 2018 winner for good housekeeping
  • Made of stainless-steel
  • 10-year warranty
  • Built-in frost protection system
  • Premium quality component used
  • Available for small, medium and large sized houses.

How does Vogue combi boilers impact your life?

Vogue Combi boilers makes a big difference in your life by making it more comfortable and hassle-free during the winter season. They not only provide you warmth through radiating from the walls but also with hot water from the taps. Another biggest advantage you get is that they are super cost-effective as they the energy up to 93% and are rated A in energy efficiency.

Interesting Facts About Vogue Combi Boilers:

  • Vogue is the UK owned and operated brand which is very popular among the market for its quality and advancement.
  • Vogue is the only brand that sells boilers with a long warranty period of 10-12 years of time from the time of purchase.
  • Vogue comes with an energy efficiency of 5 stars, which makes it the best among all its peers.


What Do The Experts Have To Say?

As the experts say combi (or combination) boiler is an ingenious space-saving idea, and an increasingly popular choice in UK homes. In fact, combi boilers now account for well over half of all the new domestic boilers installed in Britain every year because of their high efficiency and easy operations.

Area of expertise- Expert reports on those exposed to carbon monoxide gas, usually as a result of poorly maintained or installed heating appliances. Such exposure can be chronic, or be the result of one or more episodes of exposure to higher levels of the gas. Opinion on symptoms of active exposure, as well as likely long-term sequelae of chronic, non-lethal exposure, including affective and cognitive dysfunction. I will often recommend formal neuropsychological testing in order to quantify any persisting affective or cognitive problems. Reports are usually prepared in conjunction with engineering opinions (from other experts) to produce an opinion regarding likely length and severity of exposure, and likely prospects for recovery.

Dr Edward Walker
Medical Expert

Contact details

Moor Cottage
West Yorkshire


Customer Reviews:

  1. Name- Steve Notts

Rating– 5 out of 5 stars

Feedback– The engineer arrived as said


The engineer arrived as said, saw the problem was the smart thermostat and carried out the work very smartly, replaced with standard wireless room stat as a newer halo smart stat doesn’t fit this boiler even though it’s only just over 2 years old. That said it works, but not as convenient as a smart thermostat unfortunately. The old ideal touch is apparently very unreliable.

Name- Ashley Scott

Rating- 1 out of 5 stars

Feedback– Appalling aftercare

Detail- Our boiler is within warranty and has broken down 3 times in 3 weeks. The first engineer sent by Ideal did not fix the issue and the boiler broke down again within 5 days. Ideal would not provide us with a repair engineer for 5 days after this, despite the repair having not been fixed initially and us having no heating or hot water in minus temperatures. We had to pay a private engineer to fix the issue, which had been missed by Ideal on the first visit.
The boiler has now broken down a 3rd time. Ideal are unable to come for a further 72 hours, despite us having an infant in the house.

Ideal clearly don’t care about customer service unless there is a profit involved. Their aftercare is absolutely atrocious. They have failed to return calls or respond to emails. They also refuse to pay for alternative engineers to fix the problem.

I would never recommend their boilers or service to anyone. I could not be less satisfied.

  1. Name– Andy

Rating– 4.6 out of 5 stars

Feedback– Excellent


A little tricky to get through to the relevant department having to leave messages and wait for a call back but once this was done booked engineer. He attended within 7 days called on the morning of the job to give ETA which he adhered to. The service plan is competitively priced and worked out significantly cheaper than doing a repair with our usual plumber. Highly recommended!



  1. What can I do if Touch Connect isn’t working? –

Answer– Please see the trouble shooting guide in the Touch Connect User Guide. For further assistance please contact our customer service team on 01482 4988663.

2. ) What will trigger an alert? –


  • Internet or server outage
  • Boiler Faults
  • Failed Commands (Central Heating ON/Off)

3 ) How do I register my boiler for warranty? 

Answer- In order to register your free guarantee you can visit our website. Click ‘Register’ and complete all sections. Alternatively you can call our Customer Service team on 01482 498660. Please note the boiler serial number is required when registering the warranty and needs to be completed within 30 days of installation.

4)     How Do I Know if My Boiler Is Economical?

Answer– If you’re buying a new boiler, or just trying to decide if you need one, how efficient it is will be a big part of your decision.

To find boilers that are economical, look for their ENERGY STAR rating. A well rated boiler should run very efficiently, whereas a poorly rated model may be more cost effective to replace in the long run.

You should find that all modern boilers are more economical when compared to older models.

5)   How Often Should I Replace My Boiler?

Answer– The general lifespan of a boiler is around 10 to 15 years. While this is an average, your boiler may last longer if you take care of it well.

You should decide to replace your boiler when repairs become too expensive or start mounting up. Opting for a new boiler at this point should save you money in the long run.

An expert engineer should be able to help you decide on the right time to replace your boiler.


Real World Use Case: by Andy

Our boiler had a small leak, the occasional drip really, but it was a concern so I called the Ideal Warranty helpline. They were very helpful, found my details within seconds, and arranged for an engineer to call round four days later.
The engineer (Tony) communicated excellently as he called first thing in the morning to advise when he would be with us, and then again when he was on his way.
He was very professional and repaired the leak, replaced the affected parts, and did a thorough test to make sure everything was in good shape. He was also considerate of the Covid restrictions and was friendly and helpful.
We were delighted with the service we received and it made us pleased that we chose an Ideal boiler.


When the winter season is around the corner, everyone starts preparing themselves with things to keep them warm. Some people prefer room heaters while others just like to feel the warmth of the blankets. One of the best options to choose from in order to keep you warm is the boilers. These boilers are wall-mounted devices that radiate the heat in your entire housekeeping you warm. Boilers help you to enjoy the best days of winter without any hindrance to extremely cold temperatures.

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