Ariston boiler how to turn heating on?

Ariston is the global expert in the water heating and central heating solutions. With Italian design, this brand provides efficient and high quality products to its users. For Over 50 years Ariston is providing warmth to your homes with the premium experiences. Ariston is appreciated by experts and professionals for their effort of redesigning their products to make them easy for installation and simpler to maintain. This brand belongs to Ariston Thermo Group Company i.e. a global leader in the thermo category.

Ariston aims at offering the best solution and services, compatible with the demands and needs of their customers. They try to make sustainable and best solutions with modern intelligent and intuitive solutions. Also they term their product as the smart products due to the unique feature inherited in their boilers i.e.  of handling and monitoring through the smartphone apps. Keeping in mind about the comfort level of an individual, Ariston has offered a wide variety of range for every property size.

About central heating systems

A central heating system provides warmth to the entire whole building, be it a single room or many rooms. When this system is combined with the other systems, the whole systems is known as HVAC system. There are different kinds of central heating systems available in the market globally. But the boiler is a one heating system which is popularly used for domestic as well as commercial use.

About a boiler

As the name suggests, you might be thinking that the boiler only boils the water. Rather with boiling the water it turns the water into the stream. Stream is an efficient and inexpensive way to transport the heat. Also you might be surprised to know that, it holds heat better than air. The boiler sends the stream to the home, heating the walls of the house.

Boilers are mainly of three types

  • Combi/combination boiler
  • Conventional/regular boiler
  • System boilers

Working of a boiler

  1. Natural gas enters into the home with the pipe and all the heat that will be used to warm your house will get store inside the gas in the chemical form.
  2. Then the gas is burnt by the boiler to make the hot jets that play on the heat exchanger. This heat energy is transferred to the water.
  3. An electric pump attached with the system pushes the heated water upwards.
  4. The water than flows around a closed loop inside the radiator, entering one side and leaving the other.
  5. As soon as the water cools down, it has to return to the boiler to pick up the more heat.
  6. Water acts as a heat-transporting device that collects the heat from the boiler and delivers it to the radiators.
  7. The pump uses it full force to push the water upstairs through the radiators.
  8. A thermostat is available in one room, regulates the temperature and switches off the boiler off when it is hot enough
  9. Also it switches on the boiler when the room gets too cold.
  10. Waste or harmful gases from the boiler, leaves through a small smokestack called as a flue and disperses in the air.

Ariston  boiler how to turn heating on?

  1. Ensure there is proper power supply in the boiler
  2. For around first 30 seconds the boiler will show you FH that identifies the air purge function.
  3. However during the first 5 seconds, the display will show you the software version of pcb.
  4. Now open the gas cock on the boiler and purge the air from the pipework upstream of the gas valve.
  5. However when the FH disappears, the boiler is ready to function automatically whenever the external controls are calling for the heat.


Take all the safety measures before going through any such process. At any step, if you think the boiler is getting damaged contact the engineer immediately.

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