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When winter is round the corner, we prepare ourselves and our family for protection from the extreme cold weather. For solving any such issue boilers are an excellent choice as they not only provide us with hot water for washing and bathing purposes but also provide an effective central heating system.

Alpha boilers are known to be one of the most efficient and successfully running boiler companies in the UK. They are a high-tech and reliable system which comes in combi, regular and system boiler ranges to choose from depending upon your needs. They are also highly user-friendly and comes with easy installations as well.

NameOur RatingAvailabilityPriceCustomer Rating
Alpha Boiler range9/10YES£625.00 to £3,7734.8 out of 5 stars and 918 reviews.

About Alpha Boilers:

Alpha boilers are a great choice in terms of functionality and efficiency. These boilers functions without much maintenance and operating sounds and provide a peaceful environment in the entire house. They come in a large variety of needs varying in terms of prices and different needs and wants of the customers. All different ranges also come with different efficiency ranging from 15KW to 115KW and with different warranty periods to look for.

Prices Of Different Models Of Alpha Combi Boiler Range:

Model NameMax. Flow RateDimensionsOutputWarrantyPrice
ALPHA E-TEC 2812.1H-712MM, W-440MM, D-225MM28KW7 years£ 689.00
ALPHA E-TEC 3314.1H-712MM, W-440MM, D-225MM33KW7 years£ 729.00
ALPHA E-TEC PLUS 2812.1H-712MM, W-440MM, D-225MM28KW13 years£ 838.13
ALPHA E-TEC PLUS 3314.1H-712MM, W-440MM, D-225MM33KW13 years£ 929.33
ALPHA E-TECH PLUS 3815.9H-712MM, W-440MM, D-225MM38KW13 years£1,033.00
ALPHA EVOKE 2812.1H-712MM, W-440MM, D-225MM28KW7 years£ 625.00
ALPHA EVOKE 3314.1H-712MM, W-440MM, D-225MM33KW7 years£ 655.00

Prices For Different Models Of Alpha Regular Boiler Range:

Model nameMax Flow RateDimensionsOutputWarrantyPrice
ALPHA E-TEC 15R 15kWN/AH-600MM, W-390MM, D-305MM15KW7 years£710.00
ALPHA E-TEC 20R 20KWN/AH-600MM, W-390MM, D-305MM20KW7 years£715.00
ALPHA E-TEC 25R 25KWN/AH-600MM, W-390MM, D-305MM25KW7 years£810.00

Prices for Different Models Of Alpha System Boiler Range:

Model nameMax Flow RateDimensionsOutputWarrantyPrice
ALPHA E-TEC S 20SN/AH-712MM, W-440MM, D-255MM20KW10 years£834.48
ALPHA E-TEC S 30SN/AH-712MM, W-440MM, D-255MM30KW10 years£ 901.06
ALPHA E-TEC S 35SN/AH-712MM, W-440MM, D-255MM35KW10 years£945.00
ALPHA PROTEC PLUS 50N/AH-843MM, W-442MM, D-457MM50KW5 years£ 2,233.14
ALPHA PROTEC PLUS 70N/AH-1038MM, W-600MM, D-502MM70KW5 years£ 3,492.28
ALPHA PROTEC PLUS 90N/AH-1038MM, W-600MM, D-502MM90KW5 years£ 3,367.14
ALPHA PROTEC PLUS 115N/AH-1038MM, W-600MM, D-502MM115KW5 years£ 3,773.94


  • The benefit of having hot water at demand anytime you want.
  • Highly energy efficient that reduces gas bills.
  • Combi boilers take up the excess space in an airing cupboard.
  • Comes in a number of different boilers to choose from depending upon your needs and wants.
  • Regular boilers are suitable for older buildings with a traditional central heating system.
  • System boilers come in large capacity options in different models.
  • Comes with a warranty period of 5-13 years.
  • Easy to operate and control the settings.
  • Suitable for small, medium, and large-sized houses.
  • Quick and easy services available at your doorstep.


  • Takes up space.
  • May cost more with additional charges.
  • Small output boilers are not that efficient.

Unique Features:

Combi Boilers:

  • Compact size.
  • 5-star efficiency rating.
  • These boilers are meant for small to medium-sized houses with 1 bathroom and average water requirements.
  • 712mm x 440mm x 276mm (height x width x depth)
  • Backlit LCD screen display with push-button control.
  • Frost protection available.
  • Warranty period from 7-13 years.

Regular Boilers:

  • 5-star efficiency rating.
  • These boilers are meant for medium to large sized houses with at-least 2 bathrooms and higher water demands.
  • Requires a hot-water cylinder and cold-water tank.
  • 600mm x 390mm x 305mm (height x width x depth)
  • Warranty period is up to 7 years.

System Boilers:

  • 5-star efficiency rating.
  • These boilers are a best choice of heating as well fulfilling the hot water needs system.
  • 712-1038mm x 440-600mm x 255-502mm (height x width x depth)
  • Meant for medium to large houses with two or more bathrooms.
  • Requires an additional hot-water cylinder to function.
  • Warranty period of 5 to 10 years.


  • Brand name- Alpha
  • Output units- 15KW to 115KW
  • Measurements- 600mm to 1038mm x 390mm to 440mm x 255mm to 502mm (height x width x depth)
  • Efficiency rating- 93% by SEDBUK
  • Warranty- 5 to 13 years.

Buyer’s Guide for Alpha Boilers:

Alpha has a set of high-tech boilers which has gained a number of amazing reviews from its customers. They come in a wide range of boilers to foster the need of all the customers with varying needs and wants. Alpha has combi, regular, and system depending upon different requirements and needs.

Although Alpha has a lot to offer to almost every customer, there are a number of factors to be considered before buying your house. These factors are, namely:

  • Boiler prices– When looking for a boiler do consider its prices as per your budget as well as needs. It’s after this that you can get both, maximum benefits and less burden on your pocket. Alpha has a huge range of boilers with prices between £625.00 to £3,773.
  • Output rating- Output rating is what decides the efficiency of a boiler. It means the amount of heat or hot water a boiler can provide. The more the output rating is more the amount of heated water or radiation a boiler will provide. Alpha boiler’s output ranges from 15KW to 115KW.
  • Warranty period- Warranty is one of the biggest factors to look into while investing in any bigger appliance like television, refrigerator, etc. The warranty also in a way describes the durability and life of a boiler. Alpha boilers come in a large variety depending upon the warranty period from 5 to 10 years.
  • Efficiency– Alpha boilers are rated as 93% in terms of their efficiency. This means that they require very less fuel or gas to function and in-turn helps in lowering the gas bills.

Interesting Facts About Alpha boilers:

  • Established for 50 years, Alpha Heating Innovation is recognised today as one of the leaders of the UK’s heating industry.
  • The company has a huge size with 51-200 employees.
  • Alpha is a privately owned business unit.
  • It was founded in the year 1966.
  • The headquarter of the company is in Wrotham Heath, Kent.


What Do The Experts Have To Say?

Let the experts look after your Alpha boiler.

As a BoilerCare customer, you can rest assured that your boiler is in the safe hands of one of our specialist Alpha engineers.

Service plans

It’s important to have your boiler serviced once a year to ensure it is working safely and efficiently. This will not only save you money in the long term but protect you and your family from any potentially dangerous issues, such as the leaking of poisonous carbon monoxide gas.

Our service only plans include a comprehensive annual service normally carried out during the summer months so your boiler is in tip-top condition prior to the arrival of colder weather when you rely on it the most.

Service and breakdown plans

If your boiler is no longer under warranty, protect yourself from the cost of unexpected repairs with one of our service and breakdown plans.


Customer reviews:

  1. Name of the customer– Jenni Morton

Rating- 5 out of 5 stars

Feedback- An excellent and courteous service from both the Customer service Dept. as well as the engineers.

Detail- On two occasions recently I have called Alpha and was delighted to learn that my boiler was still under warranty. The Customer service department was so helpful and on both occasions said that I would be contacted by an engineer. The swift and positive outcome was service at it’s very best and it will certainly encourage me to sign up for their service plan once the warranty has expired.

  1. Name of the customer- Dave Williams

Rating- 4.5 out of 5 stars

Feedback- After having many problems with my LPG boiler

Detail- After having many problems with my aging Alpha Boiler, I eventually called up Alpha. They sent out James Ross (Aberdeen). Really nice guy and very thorough. James gave me some great advice and directed me to apply for a Government Boiler Grant for a new boiler.

Great news… Grant applied for and a new Alpha Boiler on its way.

Detail- My boiler was due it’s service, coincidentally it ceased functioning the day before the engineer was due! I’d been told he’d arrive between 0830 and midday. He rang at 0945 to say he’d be half an hour, which he was, nice helpful chap who’d been here before. He sorted out the problem and serviced the boiler in 15 minutes. Superb service. My only moan is getting in a long queue on the phone to organise the service, but it’s Winter and I guess it’s unavoidable. To sum up, consistently excellent service all round. Thanks Alpha!



1)    My central heating does not work and my boiler is brand new?

When a boiler is installed on an existing central heating system, it is essential that the system be chemically flushed out to remove any build up of ‘sludge’ (generally iron oxides). The system should then be refilled and treated with a corrosion inhibitor / protector.

Failure to carry out this procedure (as specified in the Benchmark Central Heating Log Book) during installation may cause the new boiler to be contaminated by debris from the existing system. Because ‘modern’ boilers hold less water and are much smaller than their predecessors, they are more liable to be affected by debris in the system: heat exchangers, pumps or divertor valves are most at risk.

Also, the guarantee of the boiler can be deemed void if the debris from the old system damages your new boiler.

2)    What is a condensing boiler?

A condensing boiler is the most efficient boiler available. It converts more than 88% of the fuel it uses into heat, compared to 72% for conventional types.

Condensing boilers have either a larger or second heat exchanger which saves the heat which would normally escape up the Flue in normal boilers. This reduces the temperature of the Flue gases to a point where water vapour produced during combustion is ‘condensed out’. Hence the name ‘condensing boiler’.

Condensing boilers are established products and can be fitted to most new and old heating systems. They are easy to install and can be bought for oil and gas-fuelled homes, even LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). These boilers are often no larger than conventional boilers. You can buy condensing boilers as either combination boilers, which heat up hot water on demand, or conventional system boilers, where a separate hot water cylinder is required.

3)    What is a system boiler?

A system boiler is used for the central heating system; it is factory fitted with all the components needed for use with an external indirect cylinder for the production of domestic hot water.

System boilers neatly incorporate a number of components found outside of the boiler on traditional installations – the pump for example. Another is the Expansion vessel, which replaces the tank in the roof-space. So installation is easier and quicker and the risk of burst pipes in winter is eliminated.

4)     is a traditional boiler?

Traditional boilers (also known as heating only boilers) are used for the central heating system. Traditional boilers can deliver hot water to several taps simultaneously via an indirect hot water storage cylinder which is required as well as the boiler.

5)    Does the system need an auto by-pass?

Some of the boilers already incorporate a by-pass, however where all radiators are fitted with thermostatic radiator valves it is recommended an automatic system by-pass is fitted.

6)    My system comes on during the night or in cold weather when not asked for?

Check the minimum room temperature setting; this should be a low temperature setting e.g. 8° to 12°.

Real world case: by Phil Horrobin

After a few issues with my boiler over the years Alpha sent out the big guns and an engineer called James Ross from Aberdeenshire was sent to investigate my boiler fault.

James had every component at hand and fully explained the issues he came across. James took the time to explain how the components worked or should work and went above and beyond to ensure he left me with a safe and serviceable boiler… this is essential with young kids in Scotland in December! it was clear to me that James was a system expert and had the competence, experience, and motivation to represent Alpha in a professional manner… Thanks to James I’m sat writing this review in the warmth and my faith in the brand has been restored!


Winter days are the hardest to bear when we don’t have efficient systems to keep us warm. We crave comfort and warmth throughout the day. To solve all these issues there are quite a number of options available in the market. One of which is a boiler that also is highly functional and efficient. They provide a perfect central heating system for the house and also provide hot water for bathing and washing purposes. After knowing all of this there is absolutely no excuse not to buy a boiler for your house!

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