Affordable Vaillant ecoTEC High Output System Boiler For Sale | Reviews, Price Comparisons & Buyers Guide

Vaillant to the rescue!!

(Reviews, Price Comparisons & Buyers Guide)

If you’re hoping to supplant your old system boiler or even a standard boiler and need insignificant change, the Vaillant ecoTEC High Output System is a phenomenal decision. While the boiler is too huge to be set in a kitchen cupboard, it tends to be added to your current chamber and be introduced in a capacity pantry so it stays far out.

The warmth outputs on offer imply that this apparatus can furnish huge homes with a lot of warmth and high temperature water – and the boiler can even be utilized as a component of a course system. You may likewise be intrigued to realize that an LPG (melted oil gas) change unit is accessible for the 46kW model as it were.

By being A-evaluated boiler, the ecoTEC System will diminish energy utilization and lower your energy bills. Additionally, the no-bandy 5-year guarantee implies you’ll have a lot of cover if the boiler needs fixing later on.

Buying Guide

If you live you in a cold climate, a boiler may be a good choice for your home. But if you live in a warm climate, you may not need a central heating system. In that case, consider a heat pump, which can satisfy your air conditioning needs as well as moderate heating requirements.

Fuel Type
Gas-fueled boilers may cost less to operate than oil-fueled ones if heating oil prices are high. However, the fuel type you choose will depend on what’s available in your area.

The boiler’s size is as important as its efficiency. If the boiler is undersized, it won’t work efficiently; if it is oversized, it will cost you more to heat your home. Work with a heating and cooling professional, who should use an Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual J calculation to determine the right boiler type and size. The calculation will take into consideration your home’s foundation, wall thicknesses, insulation values, windows, air filtration and more.

Boilers only provide heat; so, you’ll need a cooling system, too, if you want to air condition your home.

Vaillant ecoTEC 48kWSystemH – 720MM
W – 440MM
D – 405 MM
Vaillant ecoTEC 64kWSystemH – 720 MM
W – 440 MM
D – 473 MM

Detailed product review

Vaillant ecoTEC 48kW

The boiler is compact in size a much lighter. These compact boilers are the perfect solution for large domestic projects requiring large outputs. Vaillant boilers must be installed together with a separate cylinder for storing hot water, enabling them to provide a constant supply of hot water to all of your taps at the same time.



  • Compact Design
  • Suitable for natural gas and LPG applications
  • High efficiency stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Handbuilt
  • Gun-metal air separator


  • Not suitable for smaller 2 or 3-bedroom homes.


  • Product Code         168938
  • MPN   0010021520
  • EAN    4024074821404
  • Type-  Commercial Boiler
  • Warranty (Years)-5
  • Dimensions(mm)   720×440×405
  • Weight (Kg)-38
  • Output (Kilowatts)-48
  • ErP Space Heating Efficiency-A
  • Noise Level (Decibels)-56.5
  • Fuel-Natural Gas
  • Mounting    -Wall

Vaillant ecoTEC 64kW-

The conservative boiler is an extraordinary answer for projects that have tight, prohibitive spaces to work in, particularly as both the front and side panels can be taken out for a lot simpler access. The ecoTEC plus 64kW is ErP A-rated but can be enhanced further to ErP A+ rated when combined with Vaillant VRC 700 and 700f controls.



  • Minimal waste during operation reduces NOx and Co2 emissions.
  • A rated Efficiency
  • In-built shunt pump makes side panels accessible
  • Rain ingress protection


  • Expensive


  • Product Code        168939
  • MPN-0010021521
  • EAN   -4024074821381
  • Type  -Commercial Boiler
  • Warranty (Years)-5
  • Dimensions- 720×440×473
  • Weight (Kg)-48
  • Output (Kilowatts)-64
  • ErP Space Heating Efficiency   A
  • Noise Level (Decibels)-56.6
  • Fuel-Natural Gas
  • Mounting-Wall

What Do Experts Say About Vaillant ecoTEC Plus

The Vaillant ecoTEC Plus System range of condensing gas boilers utilizes a different high temp water chamber (typically fitted into a broadcasting pantry) to store the heated water gracefully. Frequently called ‘sealed system boilers’ Vaillant claims they are lightweight and simple to introduce, as there’s no requirement for a water tank in the space.

This is a wonderful, reliable boiler giving efficiency, performance and reliability. With a stainless-steel heat exchanger and has been designed and built with a very long life in mind. It is compatible with Vaillant’s ebus controls and weather compensating controls giving a further increase efficiency by 4%. Modulation range of 1:6, it has won Which? Best buy and is very quiet. This boiler is good for small, mid-size and larger homes, however for small homes with a combi boiler and low hot water consumption might be better served saving some money and going for the pro.

Fun Facts About Boiler’s You Didn’t Know!

All the Heat, None of the Humidity

Continually having heated water flowing through the house would expand humidity, and perhaps harm your furnishings and assets, correct?

Not in any way. The boiler’s framework is totally shut from the remainder of the house. The high temp water just circles through the lines and boiler itself. All the materials and lines are non-porous, so no water or even water fume can escape into your home. Controlled by water, yet your home remains dry and comfortable.

Low Maintenance

Boilers have fewer moving parts than furnaces, and any issues are minor burdens that ready you to talk with experts from Aire One, a warming and cooling organization with more than 30 years of involvement, for example, the higher up not getting sufficiently warm. You can even expand the life of your boiler yourself by checking the weight remains somewhere in the range of 12 and 15 psi.

How Do We Research To Recommend Our Best Boilers To You?

  • ErP efficiency: 94%
  • ErP heating Rate: A
  • Available outputs-

he new ecoTEC plus models come with a standard energy efficiency rating of A, which can be increased to A+ by means of a Vaillant system controller. This ensures the highest heating comfort at all times, with noticeably lower energy costs. The ecoTEC plus boilers have a heat output of 48kW of 65kW as individual units.

We don’t simply rate boiler brands for reliability, and how fulfilled the brands customers are, we likewise assemble the audits. The outcomes empower us to uncover the best boiler brands and the most noticeably terrible, in light of our hearty exploration. In this guide, we share what we’ve found out about every one of them.

Customer Reviews

  • Ian Thow
  • 7 reviews
  • GB, Invited

Excellent performance.

New replacement boiler installed in a very difficult location by Grampian Plumbing Services. Excellent installers completed the work promptly, on time and extremely tidy. Everything working well and 10 year warranty in place.

  • Martin Connors
  • 3 reviews
  • GB, Invited

Great boiler and professional service

Alan gas installed our new boiler in one day. Laid carpet protection all the way from front door to the upstairs airing cupboard. We left him to get on with the job and about 4.00pm he had finished and showed us how to operate the HIVE controls.We previously researched the comparison sites and the Vaillant boiles had the overall best performance and value for money on all sites.
We have had the new boiler and controller operating now for 5 weeks and have a warm house with more than enough hot water.
We can fully recommend Vaillant and their approved installer.

  • Betty Butler
  • 1 review
  • GB, Invited

Only had the boiler installed a few…

Only had the boiler installed a few weeks ago. To date I am more than happy with the results. I hope my home will continue to be warm as toast without any problems or breakdowns.

  • Mr Dennis Freeman
  • 3 reviews
  • GB, Invited

Like the boiler a lot

Like the boiler a lot small doesn’t take up too much space nice and quiet warms up quickly east to operate and looks good

  • Helen Wilson
  • 3 reviews
  • GB, Invited

Excellent fitting service and efficient…

Excellent fitting service and efficient boiler.

Real-World Usage


  1. Why Vaillant vSMART™?

vSMART™ is an ERP class IV control is an easy and intuitive wirelessly operated thermostat with electronic ink

display. Allowing control of heating and hot water through the Vaillant vSMART™ app.

What is the guarantee period on the vSMART™?

vSMART™ comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee as standard. Terms and conditions apply, please see here for further details

  • What do you mean by self learning?

vSMART™ learns from its environment. It uses the weather information from the internet and also all the data that has been previously recorded to understand the thermal behaviour of the house. Two weeks after the commissioning and thanks to eBUS communication, vSMART™ is able to ask the boiler when and at which temperature to start to reach the right set-point at the right time.

  • Where can I download the vSMART™ app?

The Vaillant vSMART™ app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

You can download the app by clicking this link on your mobile device, or you can search “Vaillant vSMART™ in the Apple store or Google Play.

  • How can I connect my mobile device?

Step 1 – Activate your mobile device’s Bluetooth connection.

Step 2 – Press and hold the Bluetooth button/comfort safety mode button on the communication unit for at least five seconds. The Status LED will then flash blue.

Step 3 – Implement the WLAN settings using the app. Follow the instructions in the app to do so.

NOTE: For security reasons, only connect the product to an encrypted WLAN. Wi-FI protected set up (WPS) is not supported.

  • How do I change my desired temperature?

Use the + and  buttons to adjust the set target temperature on the thermostat display.

  • What frequency does the vSMART™ communicate on?

The vSMART™ uses 868MHz transmission frequency between the thermostat and the communication unit.

  • What is the maximum range of the wireless signal?

100m maximum free field range, ≈ 25m maximum range in a building.

  • Does the thermostat need to be wall mounted?

The vSMART™ comes with the option to wall mount the control or can be free standing depending on the homeowner’s preference.

  • What are the benefits of an electronic ink display?

Electronic ink display reflects light in a similar way to conventional paper. The electronic energy required to display the data is used only for changing the data on the display, saving energy.

  1. What do these symbols on my thermostat mean?


We suggest you get cites from both neighborhood and public installers to locate the best cost for your new Vaillant ecoTEC High Output System Boiler. It’s consistently a smart thought to request a fixed cost on the evaporator and establishment work when acquiring statements to guarantee you stay shielded from any concealed charges. Likewise, you should ensure your picked installer is recorded on the Gas Safe Register site to affirm that they are lawfully permitted to chip away at gas boilers. Then again, you can request to see your installer’s Gas Safe ID card to check their capabilities and enlistment status.

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