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The business of boiler is prospering day by day. The variety of boilers present in the market has reached new heights. This world has witnessed the evolution of boilers from traditional to modern, from mechanical to electrical, and a lot more.  Yet, there is no sign of it stopping anywhere so soon. We must be ready to cope up and make ourselves updated to handle the machines we are going to be surrounded by. The awareness helps us to avoid problems while buying a boiler and handling it efficiently to save the bills and the environment for our future generation. One of the boilers, we are learning about is Baxi 400 Heat Boilers.

Baxi 400 HEAT Boiler is currently one of the best boilers available for us in the market especially in the Category of Heat-Only Boilers. It is available in 5 different output ranges varying from 12kW to 30Kw. The variety of different power outputs help the users to select the right boiler for their house according to their requirement. Baxi 400 Heat Boilers are the most affordable boilers starting from £690 to £840 depending upon the output of the boiler.

NameOur RatingAvailabilityPriceCustomer Rating
Baxi 400 Heat Boiler8/10YES£690 to £8344.5 out of 5 Stars 23,272 Reviews  

Prices for different models of Baxi 400 Heat boilers:

Baxi 400 Heat boilers:
  • Baxi 400 Heat 12
  • Output – 12kW           
  • Type – Heat
  • Price – £696.00
  • Baxi 400 Heat 15
  • Output – 15kW
  • Type – Heat
  • Price – £719.03
  • Baxi 400 Heat 18
  • Output – 18kW
  • Type – Heat
  • Price – £717.60                                              
  • Baxi 400 Heat 24
  • Output – 24kW
  • Type – Heat
  • Price – £760.80
  • Baxi 400 Heat 30
  • Output – 30kW
  • Type – Heat
  • Price – £834.00

About Baxi 400 Heat Boilers:

Baxi 400 Heat boiler is manufactured by Baxi which is one of the oldest brands present in the market. This brand is known for its popularity, efficiency, and affordability. Baxi 400 Heat boilers belong to the heat-only boilers category which is known for using a loft as well as an extra tank for the storage of cold water. This boiler is designed for large properties and the families with a high number of members and light commercial usage. The efficiency level of this boiler is quite high which is almost 90% which pushes it into the category of the most efficient boilers. This boiler has also been found to be eco-friendly which helps in reducing the carbon footprint and causing less damage to the environment.


  • These models are ideal for large properties especially for commercial purposes to meet the high demand for hot water.
  • Helps in saving the energy fuel bills by more than the expected percentage.
  • It is compatible with solar as well as gas for energy fuel.
  • It is highly efficient and known for its powerful performance.
  • The operational noise is almost zero which gives you the comfort you long for.
  • A 5-Year of parts and labor warranty is provided and you can extend this up to 7 years.
  • It comes with multiple flue length options.


  • You can’t get instant hot water and once the cylinder is empty you need time to re-fill it.
  • Hot water does not come instantly. You have to wait for the cylinder to be full.
  • Sometimes, heat leakage from the cylinder makes it less efficient.
  • Since it is a heat-only boiler, it requires extra space in the house for the installation of the loft and the tank for hot water.
  • Requires a lot of space in the house as installation of two extra cylinders is essential for this boiler.


  • ErP A rated for heating efficiency.
  • This boiler has built-in frost protection which helps to keep it clear of any disturbances related to pipe frosting.
  • This model is highly efficient and designed for powerful performance.
  • NOX Class 5 Boiler.
  • This model is solar compatible.

Product Specifications

  • Model – Baxi 400 Heat Boiler
  • Type – Heat-Only
  • Output – 12kW, 15kW, 18kW, 24kW, 30kW.
  • Dimension – H-625MM, W- 370MM, D-270MM
  • Weight – 19.5 Kg.
  • Fuel – Gas.

Buying Guide

For houses, where the old boiler is being replaced for the new one and the loft and the hot water tank is already mounted in the building, the machine or Heat-Only boilers are usually suitable. So, it’s better for you to just place the boiler in the wall-mounted jig, but you are going to face some trouble if the tank and loft are not built in the building. This boiler is suitable for properties where several bathrooms are available and all bathrooms need hot water. While using the hot water taps, this boiler has the ability to provide heat to your house without hindering any of the functions even a little. This boiler is available in 5 output ranges, making it easy for you to pick the correct boiler according to your needs. The selection of the wrong boiler can be dangerous for your house, pocket and the environment as well. The factors which influence the decision of selecting the right boiler are mentioned below.

Things to keep in mind when looking for the right Baxi 400 Heat Boiler for your home:

Flue Length – It helps you install the boiler to a certain place. The flexibility in the flue length is an award you have to look for. If a boiler has a flexible flue length, it can be installed anywhere in the house.

Price of the boiler – This is decided by the money you have got in your pocket to shell out for a boiler. You can have a cheap and best boiler or you can go for a boiler with advanced technologies that give you royal warmth. It all depends on the money you have got for the boiler.

Size of the Property – Make sure that you are aware of the size of the property, number of family members, and demand for hot water in your house. This is one of the most important determining factors which can help you in selecting the right boiler for you.

Warranty – It helps in living life carefree at least till the warranty period as it gives you extra peace of mind especially when you need it. The warranty with a longer period is the feasible one.

Source Fuel – We need to check the type of fuels with which our boiler is compatible. It can help a lot in increasing the efficiency of the boiler and decrease the energy fuel bills.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Baxi 400 Heat Boilers:

  • Baxi is serving every household for more than 150 years.
  • Baxi currently employs 6,400 people throughout Europe with a turnover exceeding €1.2 billion.
  • Baxi is a part of BDR Thermea, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers and distributors of domestic and commercial water and space heating systems.
  • Most Baxi boilers come with a two-year warranty, but limited-time offers of up to 10 years are available. For warranties to be valid boilers must be registered within 30 days of installation and the installer must complete the Benchmark Commissioning Checklist and give it to the householder when handing over the boiler. The boiler must also have an annual service.


What Do The Experts Have To Say?

For homes with hot water storage cylinders and a cold water tank in the loft, Baxi’s range of heat only, or regular, boilers include the EcoBlue Heat, EcoBlue Advance Heat, Baxi 200, and Baxi 400 Heat. Outputs range from 12kW to 30kW, so there is a model for every size of the home, even larger properties with a higher demand for hot water

I have never had a problem installing a Baxi boiler. I’ve pretty much fitted them all – from the Platinum to the 400 Heat, the Avanta and now the new one, the 600 Combi. What you always get – no matter which boiler you fit – is reliability. I’ve had great feedback from my customers on how hard-wearing they are. And, if there is ever a problem, the back-up support is excellent. Help is always at the end of the phone, whatever the question. I started with the Avanta and couldn’t believe how quiet they were compared with other manufacturers’ boilers. I particularly like the built-in stand-off frames and it, too, is so quiet. What I like about trainers is that the approach is so laid-back. It’s not high-pressured at all, so I don’t feel like I’m being sold to, just benefiting from these guys’ expert knowledge. Training has always been readily available, so I can feel confident when in a customer’s home. Their recommendation today of the new IFOS weather comp in the flue is going to be really useful for me come 6 April when the Boiler Plus legislation comes in. They’ve just got it all covered!

Matt Knight

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Name of the customer – Michael     
  • Rating – 2 out of 5 Stars
  • Place – Great Britain
  • Date – 12-12-2020

Feedback – I think the speed of response was poor. The boiler stopped working on a Monday and it was exactly a week later before an engineer could come out. In the summer this may be OK however in January when there is frost outside and around zero daytime temperatures, it was a long cold week to wait for the repair. Once the engineer arrived he was excellent and replaced the fan in the boiler immediately and thus fixed it.

  • Name of the customer – Rachel                                                                    
  • Rating – 3 out of 5 Stars
  • Place – Great Britain
  • Date – 18-10-2020

Feedback – Disgusting service got told between 3-6 pm appointment got to 5.50 pm so phoned up to find out when they would be here got told they couldn’t make it and to give me a new appointment which she was about to make but couldn’t get one for the following day but would look for nearest one when the phone went off as they finish at 6 didn’t even finish my call! Even though not had hot water or heating for 3 days the engineer didn’t even phone me to let me know he was not coming never been treated so badly service worst ever had.

  • Name of the customer – Jim Coulton
  • Rating – 5 out of 5 Stars
  • Place – Great Britain
  • Date – 28-08-2020

Feedback – The five-star rating is for the engineer. Three for Baxi admin. Steve was excellent. Professional, polite, prompt, and informative. When I first reported the fault Baxi was very efficient in organising the repair. Steve spent a lot of time on our old boiler and had it working after a fashion but needed more parts and had to come back. He reported this and asked me to ring Baxi later on during the day to find out when the repair could be completed. I hung on the phone for over an hour. Tried again the next day and the same outcome. Eventually, I had to ring the insurers who helped me make contact. The second visit by Steve and the boiler is spot on. It’s great to have hot water again. I know we are struggling with the pandemic but find it hard why taking a phone call takes so long. Saying that the staff at Baxi have always been very good. Overall Baxi is very good just a shame about the frustrating communication problem.

  • Name of the customer – Maria Wilson
  • Rating – 5 out of 5 Stars
  • Place – Great Britain
  • Date – 12-01-2021

Feedback – My boiler was losing pressure. After speaking to the person who services my boiler he knew straight away what the problem was and contacted Baxi for me. He said they like to send their own engineers out to do these jobs. I received a text from Baxi the day before to say they were coming, and a phone call from the engineer on the day to say how long it would be before he got to me, as it happens 10 minutes. The engineer was very polite & friendly and fixed the new part with no problem. Thank you, Baxi.

Real-World Use Case:

Our boiler is only 3 years old, we had an engineer out with in the first 6 months as water was leaking and the pump was replaced. We then had another engineer out within another 12 months to sort out another faulty part. Sadly again we had water leaking from the boiler so had to cause to call a Baxi engineer out. Booking the appointment initially was easy enough and the lady was very prompt and helpful. However, on the date she booked us in for, I was told we would receive a call between 8-10 to confirm a time. We received no phone call all day, after being on hold for a long time I managed to get through to be told an engineer wasn’t coming and would rebook for another 2 days. The engineer had called in sick which I

appreciate happens but basic manners would be to tell someone in the morning when they first were aware. If I knew I would be the majority of the week without heating I would have purchased some heaters from day 1! Having been the third winter, to be at some point without heating maybe I should just get some in ready for next winter when the boiler probably breaks down again. The only thankful aspect was when the engineer did finally come he was on time and did replace the part and get the boiler working the same day he attended.



  1. What should the pressure gauge on my boiler be reading?

The normal operating water pressure for your boiler and central heating system is between 1.0 and 2.0 bar. If the pressure drops below 1.0 bar, you need to repressurize it. If the pressure goes above 3.0 bar, you will see water coming from the pressure relief valve (usually on an outside wall). You can reduce the pressure by bleeding a radiator or draining some water out of the system using a drain point, usually found underneath a radiator.

  • What is Water Treatment? How to Keep Your Heating System Healthy?

Buying a new boiler is a big investment, and not taken lightly, whether it’s a distress purchase because your old boiler has broken down and can’t be repaired, you have extended your home and need a bigger boiler to cope with more radiators or you are concerned about your carbon footprint and want to be more energy-efficient.

  • How Energy Efficient Is My Boiler?

As one of the biggest costs for householders in the UK, it is worth understanding how energy efficient your boiler is, and how much you could save if you replaced it with a new high-efficiency model. In April 2018, the Building Regulations changed again, requiring all new boilers to be at least ErP 92% efficient.

  • Who Should You Choose to Replace a Baxi 400 Heat Boiler?

After deciding that you’d like to replace your Baxi 400 Heat boiler with a brand new one, you’ll need to think about who you want to replace it with. Your decision will be between a national company or a local engineer, so which one is right for you? If you love a personal touch, then a local engineer could be for you as you’ll probably be talking to the same person throughout your communications. As well as this, local engineers can also offer very competitive rates which might sway your decision. The bigger national companies will be able to offer extra services like ongoing boiler cover and big brand protection which is always a bonus. To find the best deal that’s right for you, we recommend getting up to 3 quotes rather than going with the first one you receive. With our free service, you can receive quotes from trusted engineers near you. Just remember that whoever you get to replace your boiler, must be Gas Safe registered.


The boilers are not easy to choose for a customer who does not about the specifications of the products available in the market. This guide will help you in a wholesome way. You must have got your doubts cleared after going through this article. Baxi is not going to disappoint you if you choose this boiler. Yet you must go through the pros and cons of this boiler. This brand has been one of the earliest manufacturers of boilers so you can rely upon this brand. However, do check with your local engineer before jumping onto any decision before buying a boiler. The engineers are the subject matter expert hence, they can tell you more clearly and properly. They will suggest you after listening to your requirements and observing the size of your house and according to the budget.

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