A Helpful Buyers Guide to Getting Boiler Breakdown Insurance |Reviews & Price Comparisons

A detailed analysis of the top insurance providers

Boilers are an expensive investment that is a part of everybody’s household. One needs to research a lot before purchasing a boiler, and it becomes a hassle, both financially and time-wise. Although most of the boilers come with a standard long enough warranty period, is it advisable to purchase additional insurance for your boiler? We will present to you an in-depth review, and we are sure that after reading this guide, you are sure to make up your decision.

Some of the popular brands that you can purchase insurance from:

ProviderPrice (monthly)Price (annual)Rating
British Gas£14.00 – £20.50£156.00 – £234.003.5/5
Scottish Power£3.50£423.6/5
24/7 Home Rescue£4.49 – £13.99£59.88 – £167.884.5/5

What is boiler insurance?

Just like a warranty, boiler insurance gets your boiler covered from all repair costs, including parts too. In case your boiler breaks down, you can contact the service provider. They will send in a technician (usually within 24 hours). They will assess the situation, and repair the boiler. The insurance covers the cost of repair and any parts that were used or replaced so that you don’t need to send a single dime. Some companies even replace the boiler for free if they are not able to repair it. It all depends on the type of insurance you choose. So, choose wisely before you purchase an insurance plan.

When should I get boiler insurance?

Not everyone requires boiler insurance. For example, if you don’t own the boiler; in case you are a tenant, you don’t need to purchase the insurance, as the landlord has got it all covered. Likely, if you are the landlord, you have to purchase the insurance, so that you attract tenants easily without worrying about any extra costs.

Is the insurance worth it?

For a very select group of people, the insurance pays off. Much research shows otherwise. A normal boiler comes with a standard warranty duration for a good enough duration. You can also purchase an additional extended warranty along with the boiler. This gives you peace of mind. A general repair cost is much less than the annual premium you for the insurance. So depending on the cover you choose, you might be just burning money as a premium. Some insurance covers also provide annual maintenance free of cost. So, unless you have a history of frequent boiler breakdowns or you want boiler maintenance each year, you should think twice before making a decision.

A detailed breakdown of the insurance cover:

British Gas

British Gas
  • Annual boiler service: Yes
  • Boiler and Controls: Yes
  • Monthly Charges: £14.00 – £20.50 (with and without £60 excess)
  • Annual Charges: £156.00 – £234.00 (with and without £60 excess)
  • Trustpilot Rating: 3.5/5

Scottish Power

Scottish Power
  • Annual boiler service: No
  • Replacement boiler worth up to £750
  • £99 excess (other excess options available)
  • Up to £1,500 in breakdown repairs
  • Monthly Charges: £3.50
  • Annual Charges: £42
  • Trustpilot Rating: 3.6/5


  • Boiler Service included
  • Gas boiler included
  • Gas supply pipe included
  • Monthly charges: £8
  • Annual Charges: £96
  • Trustpilot Rating: 4.1/5

24/7 Home Rescue

24/7 Home Rescue
  • Monthly charges: £4.49 – £12.49 (homeowner)/ £5.49 – £13.99 (landlord)
  • Annual boiler service not included
  • Boiler breakdown cover
  • Trustpilot rating: 4.5/5

What do customers say about their service?

  • British Gas
  • Review by: Gemma
  • Ratings: 5/5
  • Highlight: Brilliant thank you


Our heating stopped working on one of the coldest days we have had. I looked online for an appointment and the earliest was in 4 days time. Obviously we are in the middle of a serious pandemic so I phoned them at 4pm to see if there was any possibility of getting an appointment sooner due to me having a chronic disease/medically vulnerable and with two young children. The lady I spoke to was very helpful and said she would speak to her manager. They told me they could get an engineer to me the next day – I was made up with that. So we all put our extra warm pjs on, got under blankets and at 6pm the door went – British Gas engineer! All fixed within 30 minutes. Can’t fault them at all. The only thing I would critique is we have had no annual service, but to be honest I am not concerned too much given the situation we find ourselves in and would much rather they attend to the vulnerable with break downs. We could get a home policy cheaper when we are due to renew but we are going to stay with British Gas for another year.

Source: https://uk.trustpilot.com/reviews/6002d1cc755dc1061cea46a6


We gave a detailed and honest review of the best boiler insurance providers. On average, a person usually wastes his money on boiler insurance, as very few people have boiler breakdowns each year. It is wise to know that the boiler repair cost is usually lower than the annual cover in some cases. Moreover, boilers don’t breakdown very often. If you do decide to get boiler insurance, do read all the terms and conditions before signing the agreement. Do tell us which insurance are you going to get. Tell us about the experience provided by the companies in case your boiler had a breakdown. Follow us for more such latest guides.

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