9 Step To Fixes Worcester Bosch Boiler Expert Guide

As good as Worcester Bosch Boiler are, no doubt they are the best boilers from years with outstanding results but no matter how much use it with care and with delicacy, some fault or problems can be generated eventually by time. It’s a fact of life.
But due to emerging technologies and the best service by professionals, your boiler can be fixed very easily. As we know it’s very much expensive in installing a new one any time, so there are certain error and fault codes by which problems can be detected and diagnosed easily. But here is good news for you, some common problems can be solved and without the help of professionals. So here are some problems with their solution which can help you.
Worcester Bosch fault/error codes begin with the letters EA and will be displayed on the boiler’s digital interface.
The purpose of these codes is to make it easier to identify the cause of the fault.

1.Worcester Bosch Boiler Losing Pressure

Low boiler pressure is a relatively common issue that happens in most boilers at some point (even Worcester Bosch). Over time, it is quite normal for boilers to gradually lose pressure and need topping up. It could be a sign that your boiler has a leak somewhere on your central heating system, because of the broken valve. this will lead to turning off of boiler by itself.

How to deal with it:

The first thing you must check is the pressure gauge Typically, this is below the boilers main body and if it is low, the needle will be below the green region. You can look at your user manual to find out the correct pressure for your boiler if it’s below 1 you need to pressurize your boiler. However, if your boiler’s pressure continually keeps dropping and is low, it is likely caused by a leak somewhere in the system. A leak is generally caused by a hole or bend in the pipes. If you notice any such kind of issues immediately contact the Gas Safe Engineer.
If there are no obvious leaks and this is the first time it has occurred, you may want to try topping up your boilers pressure yourself, and then restarting your boiler.

2.No Hot Water to Worcester Bosch Boiler

It’s just worse when its chilly outside and no hot water to comfort you, if your Worcester Bosch boiler is failing to provide you with hot water, then there are few potential causes such as an issue with your thermostat, a broken diaphragm, or a faulty, airlock, motorised valve or heating pump. The most common cause in many cases is Diverter Valve. The diverter valve’s function is to control the flow of hot water, diverting it to your water outlets and your central heating.
With time, the diverter valve can become worn and begin “sticking”, resulting in the valve only partially opening so that the water flow is negatively affected. The result is cold or lukewarm water.

How to deal with it:

The first thing you can do is check the thermostat and the Boiler pressure, reset it. If your Worcester Bosch boiler has no hot water, it is not always the result of a faulty diverter valve, it could be caused by a variety of other internal boiler components going haywire.
As a result, you must get your boiler looked at by a registered Gas Safe Engineer.


Commonly, a noisy boiler is caused by either limescale build-up on the heat exchanger, or sometimes an airlock in the central heating pump. When limescale builds up on the heat exchanger, it can overheat, resulting in the production of steam and bubbling, causing a whistling sound referred to as kettling. strange or loud noises are usually warning you that there is a build-up of limescale somewhere in your

How to deal with it:

Try and remove any air and limescale. A POWERFLUSH is the only solution for getting rid of limescale, so you might have to call in a professional engineer. A POWERFLUSH will remove any dirt and debris that has built up over time and usually takes 8 hours to complete. If your pump is the issue here, you’ll need a Gas Safe engineer. They can also add a limescale inhibitor to your system to help reduce the build-up of limescale deposits. These can be expensive to repair and replace.

4. Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

There are a lot of reasons that create a problem of ignition including a fault with the gas valve, insufficient gas pressure, a broken thermocouple, and ignition lead problems. Carbon deposits on the pilot light are another potential cause, which may need to be cleaned to prevent it from continuing.

How to deal with it:

Unfortunately, since this component is inherently connected to the gas supply, it’s always recommended that you get help from a registered Gas Safe Engineer, who will be able to diagnose and resolve the issue safely.
Absolutely, do not remove the case on your boiler. It’s super dangerous.


If your Worcester Bosch boiler is leaking, it will usually lockout out and display the error code EA338 or sometimes A281.
It is likely that one of the boiler components is broken. Having said that, leaks can be caused by high water pressure or a loose connection. The most common reason is broken valves or seals or being the pressure too high. this can also be caused by more severe issues, such as corrosion to major internal components, such as the heat exchanger.

How to deal with it :

These are the issues that have to be diagnosed carefully or must be handled by any Gas Engineer. If the leak is minor then it can be taken care of easily using a cheap sealant. The main issue is caused by the diverter valve and is prepared for the expense of new parts.

6. No Power to Worcester Boiler

If your boiler is losing all power, then the issue is likely to be related to electronics.
For example, if your boilers Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is faulty it can result in a loss of power. The PCB is the major control center of the boiler, so is essential for its function and controls key safety mechanisms.
It can also be caused by an RCD unit that is tripped, or essentially any other electrical issue within your home.

How to deal with it:

Typically, this will be related to the PCB (circuit board) which may be broken and need replacing or repairing.
Unfortunately, this is not cheap and will cost you a few hundred pounds for parts alone. Ultimately, if your boiler has lost power and won’t turn on it can be caused by a variety of different problems. The only way to find out the root of the problem is to have a registered Gas Safe Engineer take a look. Unfortunately, if it is the PCB that needs replacing and your boiler is no longer under warranty it probably makes more financial sense to get a brand new boiler installed rather than a replacement PCB.


Thermostatic control is how the majority of people control the temperature and schedule of their heating, so when your boiler stops responding to the thermostat it can cause discomfort to your routine.

How to deal with it:

Try obvious things, like making sure the batteries aren’t flat (if it has batteries that are), and make sure it synced up with the current date and clocks if they recently changed.
If the boiler still shows no sign of response, the next best step is to seek the assistance of the thermostat’s manufacturer.


If your Worcester Bosch Boiler is repeatedly “locking out” with no obvious explanation or fault code being presented, then it could be the result of a variety of problems, such as a faulty heat exchanger, faulty thermostat, or a faulty PCB

How to deal with it:

If your Worcester boiler is continuously locking out then there is no such kind to approach to it in your user manual. To resolve the issue you have to contact the Gas Safe Engineer and they will diagnose and will solve your problem of locking out.


If your boiler is showing problem-related with overheating that it can be due to reason of a wide variety of problems like blockage issues, heating pumps, or blocked PRV.
Codes related to a Worcester Bosch boiler overheating include E5218, E5332, E9219, and E9224.

How to deal with it :

Overheating can be related to numerous faults that will not be easy for you to correct easily so it will be beneficial for you to contact Gas Safe Engineer.

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